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Obligatory Michael Jackson Post

Jackson Five – I Want You Back

Without comment.

But it’s a great song.

The Trouble with the GOP?

From Ta-Nehisi Coates blog about Mark Sanford:

If patriotism is love of country, then much of the unquestioning GOP rhetoric fails on the rudiments. Is love of kin, love of siblings, love of spouse, telling your beloved, that they are the best person that’s ever existed in history? Or is that  sycophancy, fast talk proffered by loose friends, who in your darkest hours, appeal to your worst self.

The religious right isn’t what’s wrong with the GOP. It’s the pervasive, unthinking, unreflective nationalism. It’s the arrogance of thrice-divorced adulterers reaching for the banner of traditional families, and it’s the arrogance of men who prosecuted a poorly planned war, on weak intelligence, presuming to lecture us on national security.

Beautifully stated.

One of my problems with the GOP, as it is with many Christians is the total lack of doubt and self-reflection.

Sure, all of us are deluded to varying degrees about ourselves, our families, and our countries. We sometimes invent narratives about those things to make understanding easier. It’s a human trait.

But many in the GOP take that trait and carry it to such a degree that it becomes unthinking arrogance. Such hubris can only be destructive to those who possess it when reality doesn’t line up with the impossible standards they have set for themselves.

Glenn Beck Plays with Barbies on O’Reilly’s Show

This is inexplicable:

Apparently, the Barbie Dreamhouse represents Acorn which is going to change its name (debunked) and some people try to get away in the Malibu Barbie car and the people in the car are the ones the FBI should watch in case ACORN changes its name to the YMCA. Or something.

It really is that indeciperable, which should not be a surprise since Beck is involved.

I often find the obsessions of the Glenn Becks of the world to be amusing, and ACORN is no exception.

President Obama, WTF?

I’m still happy that I can say “President Obama.”

But some things make you say WTF?:

The Obama administration is fighting to block access to names of visitors to the White House, taking up the Bush administration argument that a president doesn’t have to reveal who comes calling to influence policy decisions.

President Obama, this is an easy one. You’re supposed to be all about accountability and transparency. You’re not a dork obsessed with secrecy like President Cheney was.

Give us your White House visitor log.

Photo of the Day


Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan.

Also from Sullivan, an Iranian woman:

Ahmadinejad called the opposition as a bunch of insignificant dirt who try to make the taste of victory bitter to the nation. He also called the western leaders as a bunch of ‘filthy homosexuals’. All these disgusting remarks was today answered by that largest demonstration ever. Older people compared the demonstration of today with the Ashura Demonstration of 1979 which marks the downfall of the Shah regime and even said that it outnumbered that event. The militia burnt a house themselves to find the excuse to commit violence. People neutralized their tactic to a large degree by their solidarity, their wisdom and their denial to enage in any violent act.

If you’re even mildly interested in the happenings in Iran and you haven’t checked out Sullivan, you need to.

His coverage of the situation far surpasses what we’re getting from the MSM.

Keep the Change?

In suburban Indianapolis a couple weeks ago, I saw a bumper sticker that read:


I’m not quite sure what that meant.

Admittedly, “Keep the change” was a clever line for Obama opponents during the election and maybe even now.

But send him back to Iran? I get that it’s a play on Obama being a secret Muslim, but Iran? That’s the best they can do?