A dark, meaty snow

Reading reports about life and politics in the United States is especially fun when the words are written from people who hail from other nations. Their observations are based on their own cultural lenses, so it’s appealing to ponder how they view US culture.

I found this post from the BBC as its reporter informs the Brits on American cuisine:

I do not want to become the latest in a long line of European settlers who arrive looking like Laurel and leave looking like Hardy.

But of course my first meal was a cheeseburger the size of a dartboard.


When I ordered bacon on it, eight slices arrived. I was learning my first lesson about US cuisine.

Bacon is no longer really a meat; it has become a garnish served alongside or on top of other foods, as though it was a kind of porcine salad vegetable.

Occasionally it even comes ground up and sprinkled over your dinner like a kind of dark, meaty snow.

To quote Homer:

Mmmm. Bacon.


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