Travel Blogging – Ensenada, Mexico

I’m back and blogging after a trip to Baja California that was way too short, but still quite relaxing.

Though that part of Mexico is quite beautiful and I imagine I may end up retiring there, I do find it disturbing how certain parts of Ensenada, a smallish city on the bay looks a little bit too much like Arizona in certain areas. There is one strip mall that contains a Walmart (yuck!), and Applebees (eww!), and a multiplicity of other US chains.

That side of Ensenada is something I imagine will only grow as more yankees move to that area to take advantage of the low cost of living and all of its natural beauty.

I fear that if I do end up there, I may be contributing to the Walmartization of Mexico, which is a trend that saddens me to the core.


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