“Keep her in it so we can win it!”

From politico:

Rush Limbaugh, one of many conservative talkers deeply hostile toward John McCain, has begun talking about bailing out Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign for president, suggesting repeatedly on the air yesterday and today that he’d raise money for her — though not exactly because he likes her.

“It is rumored that the Clintons are digging into their own personal wealth to fund Hillary’s campaign. I’m thinking of maybe doing a fundraiser,” Limbaugh said yesterday.

While I think Limbaugh is just trying to have a little bit of fun now that McCain will be their nominee, at least Limbaugh recognizes reality: as unexcited as the GOP base is about McCain, nothing will get them to the polls faster and in greater numbers than a Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee.

Right now, in the thick of the primary season, it’s easy to forget how much the GOPers HATE Hillary. She makes them crazy in a way that makes my side’s hatred of Bush (which I think I quite justified) seem subdued.  If the Democrats want to help elect John McCain, they really should nominate Clinton.


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