And they call Obama supporters “cultists?”

The new YouTube video for Hillary released as a response the Obama’s “Yes We Can” is worse than you think.

When I heard Bill O’Reilly praise the song today on his radio show, I imagined it would be bad. Just not this bad.

Musically, it reminds me of how music in a suburban megachurch might sound.

Aesthetically, it’s also beyond bad, but it reminds me of a commercial for a soft drink ad that tries too hard to include all ethnicities.

Lyrically….well…the most memorable line is:

Fighting in a war

But we don’t know what we’re fighting for

And somehow, someone somewhere thinks that’s a good line for a pro-Hillary song? Does Hillary know why she voted to “authorize force?”

Apparently not.

Don’t even get me started on their inane and insane dancing.

Anyway, grab a cocktail and enjoy Hillary’s own special brand of irritainment:



2 responses to “And they call Obama supporters “cultists?”

  1. Ha Ha Ha Ha,

    Stop my side are splitting.

    This has to be the worst political ad I’ve ever seen, even the one Bush used to make him lock like a nice man is not as bad as this.

    Just think what a political satirist could do with this, please.

  2. Ha! Yeah, it is hard to believe that piece isn’t just some snark that an Obama hipster put up.

    But sadly, it’s real.

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