Freeper, Taylor Marsh poster, or MyDDer? You decide!

Today I had too much time on my hands and went to Taylor Marsh’s blog and MyDD to read what they had to say about Obama. Of course, I knew that both of those sites were full of Obama-haters, but the level of their vitriol against Obama and his supporters made me feel like I was visiting Free Republic. If you’re not familiar with these sites, you’re forgiven.
Free Republic (its denizens are known as Freepers) is a right-wing web site dedicated to all things Republican. They’re not known as an especially literate crowd and they have some beliefs that can kindly be called extreme. When I want to know what the Neanderthal right thinks about a particular issue, I log on to Free Republic.
Taylor Marsh hosts a radio program and calls herself “the antidote to right-wing talk.” Before this primary season, I had never heard of her, but she’s seemed to make a name for herself as a rabid anti-Obama, pro-Hillary hack. The posters on her blog are ostensible Democrats, but they always seem to be in a frenzy of Obama-hate.MyDd is a formerly respectable Democratic blog that has morphed into an Obama hit site.

So lets’s play “Freeper, MyDDer, or Marshista?”

You be the judge on each of these:

  1. “He is a complete charlatan and like all those who decieve, the time always eventually comes when people SPEAK UP and EXPOSE the lies and deception.”
  2. “One day this will all hit the fan. The emotion will die down and the crimes will surface. This thing may blow over like Michael Jackson’s career.”
  3. “Somehow I don’t think a halfrican marxist coke snorting bisexual with ties to the nation of islam AND the weather underground will make a very good top of the ticket.”
  4. “I get a rash every time I read about this vapid empty suit.”
  5. “What sad is that Obama isn’t even legally an African American, he is Arab American.”
  6. “Obamarishi cult followers.”
  7. Obama = petty politics

Answer key:

  1. Taylor Marsh poster
  2. Freeper
  3. Freeper
  4. Freeper
  5. MyDDer
  6. Freeper
  7. Marshista

3 responses to “Freeper, Taylor Marsh poster, or MyDDer? You decide!

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I was directed to her site one day from Andrew Sullivan (she was a Moore Award nominee), and I was immediately drawn into it. To navigate her site is to look right into mental illness.

    As far as I can tell, everything boils down to misogyny with her and her commenters. If you don’t think Hillary is the best thing in the world, then you hate women. If you like Obama, you are part of a cult and have been drawn into his trance-inducing spell. It’s quite comical.

    As for me, when I want to see what the wacked-out right is saying, I check out They are an interesting lot who appear unfamiliar with any word exceeding two syllables, and think that George Bush just might be the return of the risen Christ.

    They have nothing on Taylor Marsh and her happy band of sycophants.

  2. GB, you’re so right about Marsh’s site. It really is like looking into a parallel universe. I know some Hillary supporters, but none of them seem quite as delusional as the Marshistas. It’s funny stuff.

    Also, thanks about the tip on Lucianne’s site. I had forgotten about her since the Monica/Linda Tripp thing and whatever Lucianne’s role in that was. I’ll go check her out right now.

  3. I should do an endorsement for Lucianne….”I get all my right wing nuttery from!!”

    And now, all my left wing nuttery from Taylor Marsh. I just cruised on over there (slow day at work….and, hey, it’s become my guilty pleasure) and they’re in full battle mode for the debate tonight. The delusional factor is running high: it’s a tight race (true, OH and TX are tight, but a week ago HRC enjoyed comfortable leads in both, so…..), polls don’t mean anything (sometimes they don’t, but most of the time they do….), and my favorite: if you attempt to argue that HRC’s time spent as First Lady is anything other than truly meaningful, substantive experience, well, you’re a big fat sexist.

    My girlfriend is a big Hillary supporter and has given generously of time and money. Even she’s embarrassed by the stuff.

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