Race a Factor in Clinton’s Ohio Win?


From the Wall Street Journal:

About one in five Democratic primary voters in Ohio said race was an important factor in their decision — and they voted 60% to 40% for Sen. Clinton.


That suggests to some analysts that concern over Sen. Barack Obama’s race is playing a role in the minds of some working-class voters. John Russo, a professor at Youngstown State University in Ohio, recalls walking into class Monday and finding his white, midcareer students arguing heatedly about the election, affirmative action and whether predominantly black cities should share services and costs with white suburbs.


2 responses to “Race a Factor in Clinton’s Ohio Win?

  1. many Obama supporters are white…i think its premature to determine the racial implications of this election still


  2. Agreed that the racial implications of this election are yet to be determined.

    But, I think it’s worthwhile to consider what impact race has had on the election so far.

    The quote from John Russo aside, among people who said race was a factor when they decided how to vote, I wonder if they chose Hillary because they don’t think we should have a black president or because they don’t think an African-American can win the election.

    The latter concern may be valid, but I’d rather cast my vote thinking the best of other Americans rather than thinking they are racist rubes.

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