Mark Penn is an Ass


Chief Strategist Mark Penn said he would put Wyoming and Mississippi, the next two states to vote, “in what I call the challenging category for us,” because Obama has “some very significant leads,” but he downplayed Mississippi in pushing the campaign’s argument that Clinton does best in the states that matter, the blue states and noting that he couldn’t remember the last time Mississippi went Democratic in a presidential race.

Amazing, but not surprising. Penn seems to think that the only states that matter are those that Democrats can easily win no matter who gets the nomination.

Maybe if Democrats in the past had tried to compete in all 50 states, they wouldn’t have been such miserable failure in electoral politics since 1994 (thanks Bill!)


3 responses to “Mark Penn is an Ass

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  2. I’m really struggling to recognize just where the hell the genius is in Mark Penn. I mean, it’s not real hard to get it through your fat f’ing head that in a primary, it doesn’t matter if the state in question generally goes D or R in the general.

    And here we go again with this “states that matter” bullshit.

    I mean, Jesus, how retarded is this guy? My bias for Obama aside, you’ve got to wonder about someone who would not only employ this clown, but pay him $4M.

  3. Ha!

    Absolutely. Does Penn think that Obama can’t carry NY, CA or MA? If he does, he’s way locked out of reality.

    Penn reminds me a little of Joe Trippi. A guy paid millions to drag Howard Dean’s to nowhere and then hailed as a genius for it.

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