This Time, Indiana Matters

From the Indy Star:

The sign in the crowd in Ohio behind Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday night summed it up.

“On to Indiana,” it said.
It’s been two decades since a similar sentiment has been expressed, but thanks to Clinton’s wins in Ohio and Texas, Hoosiers are about to witness something they haven’t seen here in more than two decades:
Presidential candidates vying for their attention and delegates’ affection in a big way, campaign stops, rallies, stump speeches and more ahead of the state’s May 6 primary.
Indiana coordinators for Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama, who is still leading in the overall delegate count, say the action will be intense.
“I anticipate an all-out campaign here in Indiana,” said Kip Tew, who is leading Obama’s campaign here.

It might sound strange, but among Democrats in Indiana, there really is a lot of excitement about this state actually playing a role in this year’s primaries.

Four years ago, I was quite active in Howard Dean’s campaign here: we organized, set up booths, contributed money, and worked like hell to get Dean’s name on the ballot only to see that race end quickly after Kerry’s wins in Iowa and New Hampshire. We knew that the race would probably be decided before it got to Indiana, but we were optimistic that Dean would at least be the presumptive nominee by that point. Alas, it was not to be, but I was proud to vote for him in the state’s meaningless presidential primary.

This year, I haven’t been nearly as active working for Obama, mostly because the constraints on my time are much more vicious now than they were then (between grad school and two jobs, it’s hard to find time to campaign).

That being said, even with finals coming up, I’m going to work like hell to ensure an Obama victory here (quite doable, I think).

Yeah, we can do it.


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