Clinton’s Team Has No Shame


Senior advisers to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) on Monday sought to reconcile the campaign’s assertion that rival Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) has not passed the “commander-in-chief test” with the Clintons’ hints in recent days that the New York senator would tap Obama as a running mate.

Howard Wolfson, Clinton’s chief spokesman, said during a conference call with reporters that Clinton would not pick a running mate who has not met the “national security threshold” — as Clinton’s military advisers and Wolfson put it on the call — but that it is possible Obama could meet that threshold by this summer’s Democratic convention.

Wolfson repeated Clinton’s weekend assertion that picking Obama is “not something she would rule out at this point,” but he also repeated that Obama is not ready to be commander in chief, a key requirement to being Clinton’s running mate.

So let’s make sure I have this straight….here’s the candidate who is in second place in terms of delegates, popular votes and states won dictating the only way they will pick the first place candidate for vice president is if the first place candidate passes som kind of a threshold between now and August?

Shameless. Unbelievable. Illogical. Clintonian.


4 responses to “Clinton’s Team Has No Shame

  1. The fact that I might never have to hear from Howard Wolfson again is one of the many reasons I am hoping Hillary crashes and burns. Oh wait….she’s already done that. She just refuses to go away.

    Some reporter worth a damn should really ask Mr. Wolfson what the national security threshold is, and how is it that Senator Obama could meet it by August? And shouldn’t Senator Clinton, if she is a serious person and a candidate for President, have a threshold that is higher than such that could be met in five months? And how does she stack up to her own threshold?

    The sheer hubris of these people is just disgusting. Equally offensive as this Wolfson drivel was Ed Rendell’s appearance on MTP yesterday. Once again, dredging up the “states that matter” argument, and opining that “caucuses are undemocratic.”

    Amusing that the Clintons have decided to once again start running as the frontrunner, because that worked out really well the first time they did it.

  2. Great points.

    Wolfson really thinks that the “national security threshold” can be reached after a certain amount of time…fine. Did Hillary cross it as First Lady or when she voted to give Bush unlimited powers to do whatever he wanted to do in Iraq?

    I really think the Clinton team thinks we’re all really stupid and will buy into whatever ludicrous arguments they put forth on any given day.

  3. Thanks.

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