Gerri, Can We Talk?

You said:

If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position,” she continued. “And if he was a woman (of any color) he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is.

Where to begin?

First, if Obama were a white man, a black woman or a Latina, he’d most likely be in the position he’s in. He’s an incredibly gifted politician who is running a hell of a campaign that seems to have a good feel for the country’s mood.  That’s a real advantage for him because Clinton seems to be running on what the country’s mood was in 1992.

Second, are you saying that Obama is where he is only because he’s black? If that is what you are saying, are you aware that such statements might lead some to conclude that Barack Obama is successful only because of affirmative action and not because of his skills?

Do you realize that most feel that Mondale chose you as his running mate because you were a reasonably accomplished woman who was a member of the house for six years before he chose you? He wanted to make some history, and he did. You were a great candidate for the vice presidency.

But Mondale chose you as the most qualified candidate to be VP for the same reason that the first George Bush thought Clarence Thomas was the most qualified person in the whole US to be a Supreme Court Justice; you fit his demographic.

Glass houses, Gerri.

Your thought that Obama has only been successful as a candidate because he’s black is way beneath you.


4 responses to “Gerri, Can We Talk?

  1. Mrs. Ferraro also fails to mention the blinding obvious – if Mrs. Clinton weren’t the wife of a former President, well, she’d still be overbilling corporate clients at the Rose Law Firm. I think it’s hard to imagine her as a presidential candidate or senator from New York.

    But she is the wife of a former president. And you know what else, Geraldine? He’s not a white man. So what is the point of this inane hypothetical? I’m exhausted by these ridiculous hypotheticals that seem to come out of the Clinton camp on a regular basis. It’s all pointless, unproductive conjecture.

    It’s no different that saying, “If I weren’t losing this race, I’d be winning it.” Or, “If I hadn’t run such a craptacular campaign, Obama wouldn’t be winning.” Pointless.

  2. “If Obama was a white man”, he would have had the nomination wrapped up in February. That’s what.

  3. GB, no question, but I just heard some talking head say that “No one would ever suggest” that if Hillary weren’t once first lady, she wouldn’t be running for president now. I think it was Wolf Blitzer.

    Apparently we have to pretend that if her husband hadn’t been president she would still be the junior senator from New York with a national platform from which to run for president.

    Ryano, I think you summed it up perfectly.

  4. With apologies for posting a link, Ezra Klein makes my point above far better than I do:

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