A View from Abroad: Incompetent Democrats Don’t Deserve to Win White House


From Ramesh Thakur in the Canberra Times:

What seemed exciting and was drawing millions of new and young voters to politics is turning into a protracted guerrilla war. At the start of the campaign, Democrats were energised by having two great candidates. About three-quarters said they would be happy with either. That figure is now about 40 per cent.Based on demographics, the likely results in the main contests to come will be: Mississippi (March 11, 40, Obama); Pennsylvania (April 22, 187, Clinton); West Virginia (May 13, 39, Clinton); North Carolina (May 6, 134, Obama); Oregon (May 20, 65, Obama); and Indiana (May 6, 84, tie). A de facto stalemate by April-May means the contest will be decided on the convention floor in August.

If strong-arm tactics in the convention lead to superdelegates overturning Obama’s lead in pledged delegates, his outraged supporters will abandon the party in droves. If the nomination is awarded to Obama without counting the disqualified Michigan and Florida results, many Clinton supporters from those states will walk away from the party.

The party has allowed a state of confusion to arise that looks set to leave half of its voters furious. A party so politically and organisationally inept deserves to lose. The Republicans can neither believe their luck nor contain their glee.

I’m not quite sure what the party elders could have done to avoid what I think is an inevitable civil war in the Democratic party.

As an Obama partisan, I place the blame entirely on the Clinton team as they will do anything to win, even if it means denying Obama a victory in November so that she is set up to get the nomination in 2012.

I’m starting to think that if Hillary somehow gets the nomination, I’ll have to either vote McCain or stay home on election day….and I’m a partisan Democrat who has always voted for Democrats for president because it seemed better to vote for a lesser-evil than just plain evil.

It seems that Clintonism is a cancer on the party that can only be removed through electoral defeat. I’ll write more about that theme in the upcoming weeks.


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