Gerri…….sigh…You Need to Let It Rest

You really should have kept quiet:

“Any time anybody does anything that in any way pulls this campaign down and says let’s address reality and the problems we’re facing in this world, you’re accused of being racist, so you have to shut up,” Ferraro said. “Racism works in two different directions. I really think they’re attacking me because I’m white. How’s that?”

I’ll tell you how it is, Gerri. It’s a bone-headed statement, and again, really beneath you.

You weren’t attacked because you are white. You were attacked because your statement was so inaccurate and  wrong-headed.

You’re really not doing any favors for your candidate, even if it might help her win a few votes among working-class white in PA.

But long-term, you’re helping to create some divisions in the party that won’t be healed easily, especially if your Mrs. Clinton is the nominee.

So, as we say in the blogosphere, Gerri, STFU!

3 responses to “Gerri…….sigh…You Need to Let It Rest

  1. This is really quite shocking. And it’s sad to see someone almost self destruct before our very eyes.

    There’s a real contrast to be drawn here. Watch interviews with Samantha Powers after she resigned from the Obama camp for her remarks about Senator Clinton. If she wasn’t the very picture of class and grace, then I can’t imagine what is. Then read these screeds from former congresswoman Ferraro.

    I think two conclusions can be drawn here:

    (1) Reality is starting to dawn on some in the Clinton camp.
    (2) That being said, the Clintons – and their surrogates and supporters – will stop at nothing to salvage their losing effort. If they take the entire party down with them, they couldn’t care less. Just the narcissism we’ve come to realize in the Clintons.

  2. Why is she self-destructing? She is using her American right of free speech to speak the truth. She is only being attacked now for speaking her mind because she said something against a black person. Is Obama’s pastor, Jeremiah White going to keep quiet because he made a racist comment about Natalee Holloway? Or is Obama going to make Louis Farrakhan, a contributor to his campaign, stop spouting Islamic hate talk toward Americans? What about his wife stating she has never been proud of her country until now that her husband is running for president? Give me a break. They are only crying sour grapes when the press is “racist” toward them.

  3. One can simultaneously use their right of free speech and self-destruct. These are not mutually exclusive things as you appear to suggest. Furthermore, as to your assertion that Congresswoman Ferraro is using her right of free speech to “speak the truth”, it appears you could use a lesson in the differentiation between fact and opinion. What Congresswoman Ferraro said obviously falls into the latter category.

    Simple vocabulary lessons aside, I think when someone says that a black man is lucky to be who he is, states that that individual would not be where they were if not for the fact they are black, and then fans the flames by accusing someone of reverse racism, it evidences a disconnect from reality.

    As to your other points, (1) I’m not sure what Natalee Holloway has to do with any of this, nor am I clear why Senator Obama’s pastor (whose name is ‘Wright’ and not ‘White’, by the way…), if he did say anything untoward regarding Ms. Holloway, should be forced to keep quiet. Reverend Wright can and should say what he thinks. The fundamental difference here is that Mrs. Ferraro is a well known surrogate of the Clinton campaign and indeed holds a leadership position within that campaign. I think it is clearly appropriate to hold a candidate’s feet to the fire for comments made by such an individual. To the best of my knowledge, Senator Obama’s pastor is not affiliated with his campaign in any way.

    (2) While I believe Senator Obama to be a man of immense talents, I don’t think he can “make” Farrakhan do anything, as you have suggested, but he can denounce Farrakhan’s rhetoric, which he has done. Similarly, I don’t think Senator Clinton can “make” Mrs. Ferraro do anything, but she can denounce her egregious comments and distance herself and her campaign from them.

    (3) I’ll grant you that I think the Michelle Obama statement was a curious one, and I think that a successful executive with a Harvard law degree probably has a lot of which to be proud separate and apart from her husband running for President, but I’m also not a black woman who grew up dirt poor on the south side of Chicago. I won’t presume, and neither should you nor anyone else, to tell Mrs. Obama when she should and should not be proud.

    (4) I would challenge you to find a single statement made by the Obama campaign accusing the *press* of being racist. I don’t think you will find one. The accusations that have been leveled have been directed toward the Clinton campaign, not the press. The examples of this are myriad – from Billy Shaheen to Bill Clinton to this latest example.

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