Random Music from the IPOD Tuesday

Silver Jews – Punks in the Beerlight

I can think of few things better than combining the music of the Silver Jews with footage from Planet of the Apes. Lucky for us, the Silver Jews did just that:

Also, don’t forget that on June 17, Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea will be released.

From what I understand, LM, LS promises to be their strongest album to date.

3 responses to “Random Music from the IPOD Tuesday

  1. I had never heard of the Silver Jews. I’ll have to check them out. Yet again you turn me on to some new music. But I think I’ll have to continue to be in the dark on Pavement.

    What was that band from the 80’s Red on Green? Green on Red? Did that stuff hold up?

  2. Totally dig it, Dude! I’ll have to explore more of their music.

  3. MrGonz and Laura, I’m so glad you enjoyed the SJ video. They Really are worth getting to know.

    Gonz, you know, it pisses me off that you can’t find cds or downloads of Green on Red. I loved those guys, but they seem to have disappeared in the digital age.

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