McCain/Lieberman in 2008?

They make a cute couple and I don’t think Joe ever leaves John’s side.

Need some evidence that these BFFs like to be together and like the same stuff?

They have the same friends, and each might even have a little crush on the most important Heather in Washington:


They also really like to travel together!

And it’s good for John to have Joe around so Joe can teach John about things John doesn’t know. Things like:

Iran and al Quada.

Purim and Halloween.

They love to be in love!

The best thing about a McCain/Lieberman ticket would be its ability to unite Democrats and Republicans, as McCain is hated by the conservative base of his party while Lieberman is hated by the liberal base of the Democratic party. With a McCain/Lieberman ticket, Democrats, Republicans, independents, and others would unite against Rocky the Squirrel and the dad from Alf.

Maybe Bloomberg should run.


2 responses to “McCain/Lieberman in 2008?

  1. Leon A. Walker

    March 21, 2008
    Freelance Writer
    Pensacola, Florida

    “Evil Genius?”

    The Republican Party has me absolutely paralyzed with confusion. Perhaps being a lifelong Democrat I am just simply not supposed to understand.

    Being a supporter if Senator Obama I will not cheapen his accedemic accomplishments by making comparisons to those of our current President or his probable future opponnent, Senator John McCain. That would simply be unfair.

    This all came to mind for me as I recently watched a TV biography of Mr. McCain’s life. The college years I found more than slightly humorous, but also strikingly similar to the college story of George W. Bush. Seemingly both men were accedemically, well… challenged.

    Amid the news clips of preachers, passports and prostitutes this week, there was also Senator McCain stumbling through diplomatic misstatements with repeated and consistent ineptitude. There are those who are suggesting that this was contrived. I almost bit on that, until his “Halloween” comment in Israel. That was the clincher! So as we approach the stretch in the run for the White House, the pride of the Republican Party is providing a telling glimpse ahead.

    Again, I don’t claim to get it, but let me attempt to explain what has me scratching my head. What I see is the Republican party polishing their strategy and preparing for what they hope will be a hard fought contest in November. This, while Senator McCain repeatedly makes an international fool of himself. With an opportunity to look “Presidential” on the world stage, he is singularly cultivating the image of a nervous unprepared student who is unexpectedly called upon to answer a question in class. Then there is poor Joe Lieberman, playing the part of “Monkey In The Middle”. He is like the symathetic friend who finally whispers the correct answer, unable to see his friend suffer in embarassed confusion any longer. Most of the time Senator McCain looks like he could use a nap. Campaigning at this level must certainly be absolutely grueling, and the final contest has yet to begin. At this rate, come November, they will probably have take his straight jacket off just before they drag him out in front of a microphone to utter a few slobbering syllables.

    I don’t have anything against Senator McCain, and given he is an old sailor like me, I can stomach him better than most (dare I say “typical”) Republicans. I’m actually starting to feel some measure of sympathy for the man. As in truth, I predict that he will ultimately face Senator Obama, and that he will lose by the greatest margin in history. Remember you heard it here first.

    Truthfully however, I am genuinely haunted by the following core questions. How does the primary process let this happen? Is this a smoke screen of sorts or is this really the best that the Republicans have to offer? Has the Republican Party become a cheap seedy Oriental Resturant where the only entrée on the menu is “somedumbguy”? Is there a secret Republican Party “Affirmative Action Program” ongoing that provides for letting the stupidest politician among them represent their party from time to time?

    If it were not for the primary elections process I would be envisioning the Republican Party leadership with their ties loosened, drunk out of their skulls in some hotel suite. Then, someone in their group piping up and saying: “let’s give it to McCain” and they all roar in uncontrollable laughter. Then someone says: “Remember Bush” and the all drop to their knees and roll on the floor in breathless hysterics.

    Perhaps it possible that the power brokers are intentionally financing and positioning their candidates on the basis of control and future influence? Is it possible that such intellectually and cognitively challenged persons are more easily controlled and manipulated by the Republican Party and its power brokers should they reach the White House? Can it really be that simplistic?

    I don’t get it and I am convinced that I am not supposed to. But am I the only person who is seeing this? Is this just simply my illusion?

    Or is it Republican “evil genius”?

    L. A. Walker

    © Leon A. Walker, March 2008

  2. Thanks for the great post, Leon.

    I think that in the end, it does come down to McCain being the best candidate the GOP had to offer, even given all of his troubles. Fiscal conservatives hated Huckabee for being to populist, moral conservatives hated Guiliani for being tolerant and Romney for being too Mormon. Thompson was well-poised to be the conservative candidate, but people were never quite sure if he had a pulse.

    McCain, despite his campaign being declared DOA 6 months ago over immigration ran a competent campaign and in the end, it seems Republicans turned to him because they thought he was less awful (despite his sane stance on immigration) than the other candidates and because they thought he could win. Also, the GOP seems to have a culture that nominates the guy whose” turn it is.”

    That being said, I’m starting to worry about Obama’s ability to beat McCain (Hillary doesn’t stand a chance against him) as the swift boat attacks have already started and they will only get more ugly in the coming months. I think he will handle it well, but I’m concerned.

    I hope you’re correct in your prediction!

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