It’s Raining McCains?


Seriously, you have to see this one.

If this isn’t snark (and I don’t think it is), I take back everything I ever said about viral YouTube videos for Hillary. As bad as those were, this one defies description.

This might be the worst/most fun video EVER.


4 responses to “It’s Raining McCains?

  1. This shit has got to stop.

    This is bad. No doubt. But I still think the Hillary one takes the prize.

  2. What I love about this one is when the one McCain girl wipes her face with some of the McCains as if those little McCains were refreshing and cleansing.

    And yes, the “We don’t need no bling!” Hillary video was an instant classic!

  3. It it really did rain McCains, I wonder if it would smell like Polident?

  4. Ha!

    I would be too worried about all the broken hips to notice the smell.

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