Photo of the Day

The photo is from Yahoo! in celebration of World Water Day.

Pakistan’s Daily Times explains:

LAHORE: Water shortage is one of the greatest threats to human beings, the environment and global food supply. Within the next 25 years, more water conflicts can emerge not only within the countries but between them as well.

It is the importance of water in the lives of individuals and nations that the United Nations Conference on Environment Development, held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, declared March 22 as World Water Day (WWD). Since then, the day has been celebrated across the world.

I spent last weekend in Las Vegas (yes, that’s a little embarrassing, but it’s a long story) and what struck me most about that place is its location in the desert with all of its buildings, tourists, and wasteful fountains and the water use those things entail. It’s hard to imagine how that city can continue to use water at current levels for long into the future while maintaining its status as a major city for in which people live and play.

From Channel 8 in Las Vegas:

The news coming from the Southern Nevada Water Authority Thursday about the valley’s future water supply is worrisome. Unless we act quickly, there will be no water for hundreds of thousands of Las Vegas Valley residents in just three years.

In the US, when we think about problems with water, we tend to think of Third World nations where access to clean drinking water is severely limited. That’s a serious problem to which we should devote attention and resources.

But Americans are living in a fantasy world if they believe that water issues will never be a problem in the US.


3 responses to “Photo of the Day

  1. While you were putting all your money on black, Jon Stewart had this guy on his show:

    His new book examines the issue of water and global warming. It reminds me of the delicate balance that is complex life on our planet.

    I hope to get this book soon (so I can read it in between “Demystifying the Black Art of Bidding on Software”, “Return on Design” and “Understanding Action Script 3.0” – hehe). But a book that gives you a nice perspective on our fragile existance:

    Happy Easter!


  2. Ha! I know the feeling of having books on your must-read list but school getting in the way.

    Thanks for the tip on the Fagan site and books and the Rare Earth. I need to check them out…hopefully in May when I will have a little more freedom.

    Hope you had a great Easter and that the bunny left some nice eggs for the little one!

  3. europeannaturalmedicine

    It is a year later – World Water Day has come and gone again, and not much has changed.

    Thank you for the photo of the beautiful waterfall.

    Alexa Fleckenstein M.D., physician, author.

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