Holy Crap! Hannity’s Buddy Hal Turner Threatens Presidential Candidates

If you’re not up on Hal Turner, read this, and this. To make a long story short, Turner is a white supremacist with links to Sean Hannity that go back a few years. You can read about that relationship here, and here.

Turner writes about his relationship with Hannity here. To give you an exert:

I can tell you from my firsthand, personal experience that Sean Hannity does, in fact, agree with many of my political and social views. I can also tell you that Sean Hannity disagrees with some of my political and social views. I won’t go subject-by-subject to say which he agrees with and which he disagrees with. You can figure that out easy enough on your own! Suffice it to say that my recollection is that when Sean and I spoke by phone, while no one else was listening, he and I exchanged the kinds of views that most White, Irish-Catholic guys hold, but won’t speak in public,

When I started to write this diary, I came across Turner’s most recent post that is disturbing in too many ways as he basically threatens the lives of all three major presidential candidates:

We have a nation of 300 million people and you’re thinking of electing one of these assholes to run it? Are you out of your fucking minds?

None of these people is qualified to run this nation and all three of them are traitors to it!

McCain allegedly gave aid and comfort to our enemy when he was captured during the Vietnam war. His own men allegedly witnessed him agreeing to give the North Vietnamese information in return for special treatment.

Barak Obama is a half breed negro with overt Marxist leanings who engaged in homo sex while using drugs. I can just see him doing to America what his fellow Africans have done for their countries: Mugabe has Zimbabwe starving; Mandella collapsed South Africa. . . the whole continent suffers skyrocketing crime and rampant disease. Want that for America?

Hillary Clinton wouldn’t even stand up for herself when her husband was making a fool out of her by getting blow jobs in the White House; do you really think she’ll stand up for you?

Pretty bad, but it gets worse:

If you think real Patriots like me are going to sit idly-by while you turn our county over to such people, you are sadly mistaken.

If you are too ignorant to elect an honest, decent person to the highest office of this land, then you may leave us with no choice but to nullify your vote through vulgar actions. Think I’m kidding? My audience includes the Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nations, Skinheads and Nazis. Not the hollywood-make-believe-types, the real deal. The deadly serious kind.

To give you a real life example of what I mean, a couple years back, I “opined” on my radio show that a ruling made by U.S. District Court Judge Joan Humphrey-Lefkow made her “worthy of being killed.” (She ordered a church to destroy its religious materials over a “trademark”).

After I gave my “opinion” a gunman broke into the Judge’s home in Chicago and murdered her husband and mother. Later, when cops hunted down the gunman, he committed suicide before being taken, so there was no proof he did anything because of me.

I hope I don’t have to start talking the same way about Clinton, McCain and Obama. But I can. . .

I hope the Secret Service is taking Turner’s words seriously. I also hope that Hannity can find it in himself to reject and renounce his old friend.

2 responses to “Holy Crap! Hannity’s Buddy Hal Turner Threatens Presidential Candidates

  1. Holy crap! And those wingnuts think that Pastor Wright was inflammatory??

  2. Yep. It all goes back to the IOKIYAR syndrome.

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