Hillary Clinton, Sexism, and Me

From the New Yorker:

It’s been odd during this election cycle as some Clintonistas have asserted that Obama supporters are sexist for not supporting Senator Clinton, who they view as the most experienced and best qualified candidate. While dismissing such claims (which are the same as asserting that anyone who supports Clinton over Obama is a racist), I have been searching inside myself to try to figure out if my dislike of Clinton has anything to do with some kind of latent sexism.

I admit that on a certain level, when Clinton is angry and giving voice to her anger, I have a visceral reaction. I feel like I’m 14 years old and else’s mother is scolding me for leaving a dish in the sink. Her tone makes me want to dig in my heels and leave that damn dish in the sink, since it’s not my house and she didn’t explain the rules ahead of time. It really drives me batty.

Is that sexism? Maybe, but I’m not sure.

I think more of it has to do with tone and style than it does with any kind of sexism just as in the way when I see Bush’s smirk or his stuffed-crotch flight suit or hear him saying something stupid (yet again), my blood pressure goes up a few notches. My reaction is the same when Bill Clinton is angry and shakes that index finger in a “How dare you call me a liar!” kind of way.

There are always going to be politicians who will rub some of us the wrong way for different reasons that go beyond policy disagreements, but when I think of what my real issues with Clinton are, they do go to matters of history and policy issues.

I cannot forget that she and her husband were the poster children of DLC centrism that decimated the Democratic party for a generation. Rather than saying what they think, the Clintons believed that it was best to see what was a poll-tested winner; standing up for what right has always seemed less important to those two than getting elected as witnessed by Senator Clinton’s vote on Bush’s war (I knew Bush was lying, why couldn’t she figure it out? Oh, that’s right…she knew too) and her support for silly bills like legislation to ban flag-burning.

So, no, my dislike of Clinton has little to do with sexism. It has more to do with a lack of honesty and authenticity on her part.

3 responses to “Hillary Clinton, Sexism, and Me

  1. Baloney! You lack the integrity to admit that you would prefer a black separatist or a white male Alzheimers’ victim to a woman. Period.
    I suffered to get us where we are in thr professions. But the corporate community and the political community still has a glass ceiling.
    Ihave had a ringside seat watching Matthews, Oberman and every Newsweek commentator orgasm while speaking of Obama as though he is God or a great sexual interest.
    Hillary’s education, charitable record, experience etc… should have guaranteed a Democratic president this year. Obama should have been told to SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP. Fact is — for some reason all but we old ladies would prefer the destruction of our economy and the continued erosion of our place in the world to allowing a woman to be president.

    The rest is horse fecal matter.

  2. Nancy – take a deep breath and step off the ledge. It’s going to be alright. I understand you’re upset. I’d be upset as well if my candidate had crashed and burned but refused to leave the stage in a megalomaniac quest to destroy the Democratic Party.

    I guess your implication is that Senator Obama is a black separatist. Are you able to cite any credible support for this? Of course you can’t. When you can’t, it comes across as nonsensical rambling, which, of course, it is.

    I’m left to further imply that Senator McCain is the white male Alzheimer’s victim to whom you refer. First of all, I’m not aware of any credible source that has reported that Senator McCain suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease. While patently absurd, this is also deeply offensive to the millions of Americans who have loved ones suffering from that disease. It also kind of pisses us off.

    Anyway, I’m no John McCain fan, by a mile, but I admire just whatever the hell it is he has in him that allowed him to survive five years in an animal cage in a war zone. And in case you’re curious, that was in a *real* war zone. Not the diplomatic meet-and-greets with (gasp!!) poem-bearing children that Senator Clinton likes to dress up as war zones.

    Education neither entitles nor necessarily qualifies one for the presidency. W’s education is at least as good, on paper, as Senator Clinton’s, and I think the only thing you and I may agree on is where his Harvard and Yale degrees got us.

    Nor do I think a charitable record qualifies one to hold the highest office in the land. Hell, I don’t even know if the Clintons are charitable. Now why is that? Shit, that’s right…..they won’t release their tax returns. And as for anything related to the operations of the Clinton Foundation, we’ve been told time and time again that that information will not be forthcoming.

    Experience? She’s been a US Senator for barely longer than Obama, so I suppose you mean as First Lady. So she’s as qualified as, oh, I don’t know, Laura Bush and Nancy Reagan, also the spouses of two-term presidents. And before that? First Lady of Arkansas – probably not a real resume builder there. Lawyer? Sure – she was a great lawyer. One of the best in the nation, in fact. So good, that among her clients were Walmart and Tyson Foods. Because Nancy, except for a very small number of years in the nascency of her career, she wasn’t working in the public interest. Unless you consider a complex corporate law practice as being in the public interest. Hint: most people don’t.

    Who precisely should have told Senator Obama to sit down and shut up? And why should he have been told to sit down and shut up? I suppose you subscribe to the entitlement theory – that Senator Clinton, solely for the reason that she wanted the nomination, should have been given it. And to hell with Chris Dodd, Joe Biden, Bill Richardson, John Edwards and, yes, Barack Obama. But in this country we have elections, and we don’t tell people to sit down and shut up. And anyway, if we gave things away based on entitlement, Senator Clinton would fall pretty far down on that list. We’d be discussing the 2008 Democratic nominee, Joe Biden or Chris Dodd.

    If one chooses not to support Senator Clinton, it doesn’t make them a misogynist. Just as if someone didn’t support Chris Dodd, it didn’t reveal a deep loathing of white-haired guys. There are any of a number of women that I would support for President – just not this one.

    You do your candidate no favors when you spout ridiculous things like this. So Nancy, I want you to scope out http://www.taylormarsh.com. Thank me later – y’all are going to love each other.

  3. GB, excellent post. I concur.

    Nancy, this sense of entitlement that I hear from the Clinton campaign and so many of its supporters is probably a major reason why your candidate is not ahead. She’s not entitled to be president any more than any other American and that attitude shines through.

    You imply that we are supposed to overlook her record and tone and vote for her just because you said so. Should Obama voters also sit down and shut up.

    There are a lot of women in this nation who I would be glad to support. Kathleen Sebelius, Barbara Boxer and Janet Napolitano are the first that come to mind.

    Hillary just happens to be the wrong woman to run at the wrong time.

    Also, your assertion that about “old ladies” is absurd. I don’t know any women over 65 who are supporting Clinton. Obviously, that’s not a representative sample, but “old ladies” are far more diverse in thought than you suggest. Too, there are millions of Democrats who support Clinton that fit into demographics beyond the one you suggest.

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