Indiana: Clinton’s Last Firewall?

We know the Clinton campaign has been changing the goalposts since New Hampshire, but it’s nice to see Indiana getting in on the action:

Mrs. Clinton’s aides said they could see no circumstance in which she would withdraw unless she lost Pennsylvania on April 22. Two senior advisers and one close ally said they would urge her to quit the race if she lost Indiana two weeks later, on May 6.

OK, fellow Hoosiers, you know what to do!


4 responses to “Indiana: Clinton’s Last Firewall?

  1. Go Indiana! Though I doubt she will quit even when she loses there.

    p.s. vote (free) for the date you think she will quit at

  2. I wish I could believe that Senator Clinton is going to drop out, but I don’t. In her Fox News/Greta Van Susteren interview this past week, she said that (1) the votes in Michigan and Florida were going to be counted (2) that she didn’t care if it got taken all the way to the convention and (3) it might come down to a credentials fight among delegates.

    She’s not going anywhere. The Clintons have decided that (big surprise) they care more about themselves than the prospect of a Democratic victory in November. They couldn’t care less what Harry Reid or Howard Dean or Nancy Pelosi have to say about anything – as far as they are concerned, this is their party, and they’ll do whatever the hell they damn well please.

  3. But I think if nothing else, the Clintons are smart.

    Isn’t there a point when the primaries are finished, they figure out that there is no damn way she can win the nomination and then decides to be a gracious loser and then drop out?

    I’m thinking May 27.

  4. Absolutely, the Clintons are smart. But with the incendiary nature of the rhetoric coming out of both of them, I just don’t think they’re going anywhere.

    Senator Clinton’s comments lead me to conclude that she’s given up on the arguments that (1) the super delegates will give it to her based on electability (Amy Klobuchar announcing today that she’ll back Obama, as well as six members of the US House from North Carolina) (2) the fact that she could have taken the lead in the popular vote should give her the nomination (that looks next to impossible now), and (3) the fact that her wins came in states that matter (that bullshit now being realized for the, well, bullshit that it is.)

    So I think she’s decided it comes down to Michigan and Florida. She has to find a way to get those delegations seated and in the proportions that the vote went to her.

    I think the last firewall is going to be money. From the reports I’ve seen, her campaign is next to bankrupt again. CBS and Politico are reporting that – once again – the campaign is cash-strapped and failing to pay its bills in the ordinary course of business. And at this point, I have a hard time imagining too many people are going to open up their checkbooks. The candidate herself included.

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