McCain Girl Is Mad at You


5 responses to “McCain Girl Is Mad at You

  1. The next McCain girl video??? There are more on the way???

    I’m starting to feel snipery.

  2. I say, let McCain Girl and Obama Girl go at it, whoever wins, their guy wins.

  3. Maybe they will do a McCain Girls version of “Bomb Iran.” Then, I’m pretty sure, my head will explode.

  4. GB, great use of our new favorite word! I’m also quite concerned about whatever it is that she has to get back to work on.

    Kip, ha! Intriguing idea….Obama Girl vs. McCain girl cage match!

    Laura — NOOOOOOO!

  5. Yup, she’s a Republican all right.

    Too bad they screwed up so badly the past 8 years. When you have control of all 3 branches of government for 6 years and the country is this messed up you know you are on the way out.

    McCain has been wrong about every aspect of the war… why in the world would you want to vote for him?

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