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Stepford McCains

  From Yahoo!

Family members of Republican presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain’s, R-Ariz., from left, wife Cindy, daughter Meghan, and mother Roberta, listen as he speaks during a town hall meeting at the Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Va, Tuesday, April 1, 2008, during his Service to America tour.

I kinda like McCain’s mom as unlike her son, what I know about her, she seems to say what she really thinks (unlike John, who despite his reputation of a maverick, seems to have a hard time speaking up to the Bush administration).

I’m not sure how I feel about Cindy, since she appears to be mute. Has anyone ever heard her say anything?


4 responses to “Picture of the Day

  1. I have met both Cindy & John…..And they are very enjoyable to be with. And yes, Cindy does speak….very well thank you !!
    Don’t go by the Media interviews & such; these are “Real” people, who have good hearts & who think for themselves. Not saying what others want them to say !!

  2. Thank you for your post.

    I don’t think the McCains are bad people, but I don’t think I have ever heard Cindy speak. Seriously.

    I’m glad to hear that she can.

  3. I support Senator Hillary Clinton for President of the United States.
    Hillary is the best candidate for Asian Pacific Americans and for all
    Americans. She will return this country to the path of progress. She
    has a proven track record as an advocate on behalf of America’s real
    needs, and will be ready to lead on Day One.

    I know that for change to happen, the next person in the White House
    must be a proven national leader. That person must be strong,
    intelligent, and compassionate. Hillary Clinton is all of those

    Hillary Clinton has an extraordinary amount of experience on the
    national level as a sitting Senator of our nation. She has 35 years of
    commitment to public service. She has been through many trying times.
    Not only did she survive, she has emerged a tough and experienced
    fighter, and I know that she will fight for us. She will work to help
    college students get a quality and affordable education, help working
    people by creating good jobs with good pay, and help the uninsured get
    the healthcare they need.

    Though she is tough, she is also compassionate. When she graduated
    from law school, she could have become wealthy working for a
    corporation. Instead, she chose to work for the Children’s Defense
    Fund, helping abused and neglected children. Her compassion has been a
    hallmark of her service all these years.

    But it is her commitment to diversity that impresses me the most. It
    is not enough to talk in generalities about bringing people together.
    Instead, one must look at a person’s actions. In her campaign, she was
    the first to start an API outreach office. An analysis of presidential
    campaign staffs found hers to be the most diverse, and to have the
    most Asian Americans. A national Asian American political advocacy
    group, 80-20, sent a list of 6 questions to all the presidential
    candidates on such issues as fighting workplace discrimination against
    Asian Americans and nominating Asian Americans to federal judgeships.
    Because of her willingness to commit, she earned the sole endorsement
    of the group.

    Hillary has taken the lead in policy issues important to APA’s,
    including making family reunification a priority in immigration
    reform. Many Asian Americans have been the victim of international
    politics. She has met with over 80 world leaders, is experienced in
    foreign affairs and will bring America back to its position as a
    respected world leader. It is no wonder that out of all the
    presidential candidates, she has the greatest number of endorsements
    from APA elected officials, including Senator Dan Inouye,
    Congresswoman Doris Matsui, former Governor Gary Locke and State
    Controller John Chiang.

    As one of California’s top 12 state constitutional officers and an
    elected woman myself, I deeply appreciate the strength that Hillary
    had to possess to get to this historic point in time. Her strength is
    what this country needs right now.

    Hillary is our best and brightest chance for a better life for all
    Americans. She deserves to be the next President of the United States

    Sharing a Vision of Peace, Justice, and Democracy for the World
    United for Peace and Justice

  4. Hillary’s Plan to Help Indiana Parents Balance Work and FamilyHillary Clinton has a bold plan to help Indiana parents manage the responsibilities of caring for their children and their aging parents, while meeting the demands of their work responsibilities.

    More and more families are headed by two working parents, and today’s parents work longer hours than ever before. As a result, American parents have 22 fewer hours a week to spend with their kids than they did in 1969. A 2002 report by the Families and Work Institute found that 45 percent of employees say that work and family responsibilities interfere with each other, and 67 percent of working parents say they do not have enough time with their children.

    Hillary Clinton believes that as these new challenges confront America’s families, our policies need to catch up. That’s why she has a work-family agenda for our modern economy. This bold effort will give Indiana parents the support they need to more effectively balance work and family obligations. And it will work in partnership with America’s businesses to ensure that pro-family work policies and increasing workplace flexibility helps improve American competitiveness and economic growth. Hillary’s work-family agenda includes:

    A New $3,000 Caregiving Tax Credit. Hillary will offer a new $3,000 Caregiving Tax Credit to any person with substantial long-term care needs or to their caregivers. On average, unpaid caregivers pay more than $5,000 in out-of-pocket costs, often dipping into their savings or forgoing their own health care. The credit will not require a complex accounting of out-of-pocket costs, but instead would be available directly to any individuals with substantial long-term care needs or their caregivers. Hillary’s Caregiving Tax Credit would provide generous new assistance to at least 104,000 Indiana residents [CRS, 2007; Census 2007].

    A New Long-Term Care Insurance Tax Credit. Hillary will offer a new tax credit to help those planning for their long-term care needs afford high-quality insurance policies that are right for them. This new tax credit will cover 75 percent of long-term care insurance premiums up to $1,500 per year for qualified long-term care insurance policies that meet strong new consumer protection requirements. The credit will reward middle-class families that take steps to prepare for their long-term care needs. Hillary’s new Long Term Care Insurance Tax Credit would benefit at least 180,000 seniors and near-retirees in Indiana [www.ahipresearch.org (p. 27)].

    Paid Family Leave. Hillary will expand the Family Medical Leave Act to cover employers with 25 or more workers, a change that will provide legal protection for unpaid leave to 13 million additional workers. Hillary will also create a State Family Leave Innovation Fund to support the establishment and expansion of state-level leave programs for new parents and those caring for their aging parents. She will ensure that every state has a paid leave program by 2016. In Indiana, this proposal could impact many of the 2.2 million private-sector workers who do not have paid family leave [Institute for Women’s Policy Research].

    Equal Pay for Equal Work. Today, American women earn just $.77 for every dollar men earn. And for African American and Latinos, the disparity is even worse. African American women earn .68 cents and Hispanic women earn only .57 cents for every dollar men earn. On average, the wage gap costs families $4,000 a year. As one of 16 female U.S. Senators, Hillary has championed this issue. She introduced the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would toughen the penalties associated with violating the Equal Pay Act; strengthen the ability of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to crackdown on equal pay violations; prohibit employers from retaliating against employees who share their salary information with their co-workers; reward model employers; and more. In Indiana, women who work full time earn 72.6 percent of what men earn [Institute for Women’s Policy Research].

    Seven Guaranteed Sick Days for Full Time Workers. Forty-four percent of all workers in Indiana do not have sick leave. These workers must go to work sick or forgo pay when they become unexpectedly ill. Hillary will ensure that every full-time worker has access to 7 sick days. Part time workers will receive a proportional share. Part time workers will receive a proportional share. Hillary’s policy would impact the 1.2 million workers in Indiana without access to sick leave [National Partnership for Women & Families].
    Increased Funding for Child Care. Hillary has worked to expand access and improve quality of child care in our country for decades. The Bush Administration has essentially frozen the level of child care funding for the last eight years. As a result, the real purchasing power of child care subsidies has fallen significantly. According to the Bush Administration’s own estimates, 300,000 children will lose child care assistance by 2010, and 150,000 have already lost child care assistance since 2000. Hillary believes we need to increase child care funding through the Child Care and Development Block Grant and return the program to it’s original intent: to serve working families. Hillary’s policy would help the 330,000 children under six in Indiana who need child care [National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies].


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