Obama the Executive

Check this out:

Or, in Christa Freeland’s words:

I’d like to share a little bit of reporting on this point. The caller referred to Bear Stearns and Wall Street. And when you talk to some of the Wall Street supporters of Barack Obama they say that last summer when he was first coming to them, one of their big questions was ‘How the heck are you gonna run the economy, you have no executive experience?’
And his answer was interesting. What he said then and it was before the campaign was ‘I am going to use my campaign and the way I run it as a way to demonstrate to you and to the country what kind of a manager I am.’

In 1992, Dan Quayle said of Clinton:

If he runs the country the way he ran his campaign, the country will be in good shape.

Indeed. If you’re worried about Obama as an executive, think about how he has run his campaign.


One response to “Obama the Executive

  1. The first person who raised this point to me was – believe it or not – a close friend from college who is a serious professional Republican operative….and also an Obama voter, though he’ll never admit it.

    And it’s a solid point, as also made by Ms. Freeland and our gracious host. The man took on the Clinton machine – and does anyone doubt that in light of a weak chairman in Howard Dean, the entire Democratic party was basically Bill Clinton? He put together a phenomenal fundraising apparatus from scratch. He staffed the campaign. He made tactical decisions regarding spending, travel and time allocation….and probably had to make many as he went along.

    And, perhaps most importantly, he’s remained cool under fire the whole time. Senator Clinton can run all the 3 AM ads she wants. I’ll take the guy who’s faced adversity and a badly stacked deck, and remained unflappable every step of the way.

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