Penn Out?

From ABC:

Mark Penn has been pushed out as chief strategist of Sen. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign after his work on a Colombian free-trade agreement that Clinton opposes, sources tell ABC News.

Sources said that the Clintons were angry to learn about Penn’s work, especially because they had been told that Penn had recused himself from controversial clients and would restrict his private work

Though Clinton campaign manager Maggie Williams said, “After the events of the last few days, Mark Penn has asked to give up his role as chief strategist of the Clinton campaign,” sources told ABC News Penn was pushed.

Maybe not so much:

This announcement aims to reduce Penn’s visibility, but obviously he will continue his high-paying job providing “polling and advice” to Sen. Clinton. Tweaking titles does nothing to address the serious questions about Penn’s potential conflicts of interest, which The Nation’s Ari Berman began reporting as far back as last May.

So, essentially, they stripped him of his title, reduced his visibility, but he gets to keep the fat paychecks, even after Colombia fired him.

Eh, so nothing really changed.

4 responses to “Penn Out?

  1. The fat man ain’t sung yet. Unfortunately for anyone interested in reality politics. Fortunately, I guess, for the Obama campaign.

  2. I can only hope that Mr. Penn will continue to serve as an adviser to the Clinton campaign.

    Ever heard of the non-responsive response?? Well, then you’ll love the non-dismissal dismissal!! While stepping down as chief strategist (heckuva job, Penn-y), Mr. Penn will continue to dispense advice to the Clinton campaign. Umm, ok. So he’s no longer qualified to be *chief* strategist, but they still want to know what gems of wisdom he has to proffer. Sure, makes total sense.

    Were I Mr. Penn, I would stick close to the campaign, as, if memory serves, they still owe him $2.5M. And just ask small businesses across the nation just how much Mrs. Clinton likes to pay her bills.

    The cynical side of me wonders if this hadn’t been planned for a while to step on a story, as Mr. Penn had long ago proven to be a couple votes short of the all-star team. It is a decent way to step on the “oh, by the way, we made $109 million over the last six years” story before the news cycle for the new week begins. And it was released late on a Sunday night.

    But then, it could just be that Mark Penn is a major ass clown.

  3. Loomis, ha! Yeah, it is good news for the Obama campaign that Penn is staying on. I hope he continues to give her A LOT more advice.

  4. GB, I had a similar cynical thought in that since they Clintons released their tax returns on Friday (information dump…they’re hoping that no one will find what they are trying to hide) so that in the news cycle beginning Monday AM, Penn’s departure will take up all the air, thus avoiding a serious look into the Clinton’s finances.

    Or, in line with your ass clown thought, maybe it just is what it is.

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