Photo of the Day

From Yahoo!:

A young girl diagnosed with dengue fever sits in woman’s lap as she receives medical attention at Brazil’s Air Force field hospital in Barra da Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro, Wednesday, April 2, 2008. Rio de Janeiro Governor Sergio Cabral said he was considering asking Cuba to send doctors to help care for the victims of a burgeoning dengue epidemic that has infected over 45,000 people, killing at least 67.

(AP Photo/Ricardo Moraes)

2 responses to “Photo of the Day

  1. Physiscians are only good as long as they have the tools to work with. Is the Gov. working on the infrastructure? or are they going to do like the Cuban doctors (who by the way aren’t trained to the standards of other Latin American countries) that helped Venezuela? It resulted in more deaths and serious complications because aspirin and other palliatives as such only mask the symptoms; and to the untrained eye, taking the “pill” prescribed by the doctor should make make them feel better…no? Lab work? other diagnostic tests? These so called doctors see patients in regular homes or shall we say “shacks” in the poorest neighborhoods where running sewage welcomes these patients to these “clinics”. So no need to rush to a real hospital’s emergency room….OK..I get it…where are they anyway????? Infrastructure, supplies and fumigation first idiot!!!!!!

  2. Eh, but if some Cuban medical professionals can help alleviate suffering while the mayor seeks the longer-term solutions you suggest, why not use them?

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