Photo of the Day

From the White House:

Vice President Dick Cheney spends an afternoon fly-fishing on the Snake River in Idaho.

WTF is that reflected in Cheney’s sunglasses?


8 responses to “Photo of the Day

  1. Well, I know what it looks like….

  2. that must why he’s smiling.

  3. Here’s hopin’ it’s not Lynne….

  4. I think that might be the first time I have looked at Cheney and felt something other than disgust.

    This feeling…hmmm…how do I describe it? Intrigue?

    Nope. Nevermind, there’s that disgust again.

  5. GB, eww!! My eyes!!!!

    Gonz, Ha! Yeah, intrigue, sex and Cheney can only breed disgust.

  6. The last time he cracked a smile that big was looking at Abu Ghraib photos.

    On the plus side, if he’s fishing he can’t shoot anybody. Oh, no wait, it’s Dick Cheney. Of course he can.

  7. Wait a minute. Is that Ashley Alexandra Dupre?

  8. Ha! I think it might be…

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