Random Music from the IPOD Friday

Ramones — Blitzkrieg Bop

Man, I miss those guys.

5 responses to “Random Music from the IPOD Friday

  1. Oh, we loved the Ramones! We used to go and see them, mostly when they played on LI. My sister turned us onto them. She got to see them from the start. She was at NYU back in the days of the REAL CBGB’s.

  2. I haven’t heard the Ramones in a while. I know what’s going to be playing around the house this weekend….

  3. Nice! I imagine you’ll feel energized after a weekend of the Ramones!

    Enjoy it!

  4. Zen, wow! I’m envious of your sister. I only got to see them later in their career.

    I did make it to CBGBs a couple of times, but by then it just didn’t have the talent it had in the early days. But it was still a lot of fun.

  5. I never made it to CBGB’s at all. That was all during our years of having little kids and not enough money to cross the damned bridge into the city. We saw them mostly at My Father’s Place and other LI clubs. I don’t recall if we ever saw them in NYC at all.

    Sadly, by the time CBGB’s closed it was a place where local hardcore bands could say they played one of their first NYC gigs. Quite a difference from being the birthplace of the punk scene. Nothing lasts forever, though. Including me. After the Ramones, I found that I couldn’t take standing on a chair or hanging off a ledge in order to see the band anymore. I also didn’t bounce back after being stomped on by a combat boot like I used to. I retired to folk music, where people sit down, the music doesn’t advance your hearing impairment and injuries at concerts are rare. It was fun while we all lasted, though.

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