Photo of the Day

From Yahoo!:

Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., eyes her shot of Crown Royal with Bronko’s owner Nick Tarailo, right, as she stops at the bar during a campaign stop at Bronko’s restaurant in Crown Point, Ind., on Saturday, April 12, 2008.

It’s nice to see non-elitist Clinton doing a shot with non-bitter working-class people. I wonder if she enjoyed a game of corn-hole at Bronko’s.

And isn’t the expression on her face, which displays a combination of amusement, fear and dread, a wonderful thing to see?


6 responses to “Photo of the Day

  1. I object that she’s getting credit for a shot when she sipped it like a cocktail…..

  2. Ha! You’re right…I don’t think I ever saw the way she drank the shot.

    But what’s funny to me about that episode is imagining what must have been going through her head when she asked for the Crown Royal. I imagine it to be something like: “Well, I’m in Crown Point, Indiana, so I need to pick a shot that will make people think that I love Crown Point.”

  3. I did see a video clip where she had it in hand, and let’s just say she lingered over it for quite some time.

  4. But I thought non-elitists were supposed to take shots in one gulp?

  5. One thing I think elitists and non-elitists can concur on is that you take your shot in one gulp!!

    Eugene Robinson hit the nail on the head on this one: since Mrs. Clinton doesn’t herself do any of the things that Obama spoke of, the issue isn’t whether you actually sit in a church pew or go hunting, but rather whether you can manage to seem like the kind of person who does.

  6. GB, great Robinson quote! And I think that’s the reason why the “bittergate” story appears to not have hurt Obama all that much.

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