Waterboarding as a Team-Building Excersise

Torturing employees can motivate and boost sales!

From the Washington Post:

PROVO, Utah — No one really disputes that Chad Hudgens was waterboarded outside a Provo office park last May 29, right before lunch, by his boss.

There is also general agreement that Hudgens volunteered for the “team-building exercise,” that he lay on his back with his head downhill, and that co-workers knelt on either side of him, pinning the young sales rep down while their supervisor poured water from a gallon jug over his nose and mouth.

And it’s widely acknowledged that the supervisor, Joshua Christopherson, then told the assembled sales team, whose numbers had been lagging: “You saw how hard Chad fought for air right there. I want you to go back inside and fight that hard to make sales.”

What’s at issue in the lawsuit Hudgens filed against his former employers — just as in the ongoing global debate over the CIA‘s waterboarding of terrorism suspects — is the question of intent.


We’re not the mean waterboarding company that people think we are,” said George Brunt, general counsel for the firm, which sells a combination of online and personalized instruction — packaged as “coaching” and running $3,000 to $15,000 — to customers who are solicited by telephone.

Chad Hudges, the guy who volunteer to be waterboarded weighs in:

“Keep in mind,” he said, “the last time we did a team-building exercise outside, we did an egg toss.”

See? Waterboarding is no less awful than a long staff meeting where Jim from accounting goes on and on and on. And on.


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