Damnit! McCain Girls a Hoax

23/6 turns out to be responsible for possibly the best piece of political performance art ever.

From their site:

The date was March 14, 2008, and a group of burgeoning Lou Pearlmans at 23/6 were about to unleash a political and musical phenomenon: the McCain Girls. This trio of musically inclined and politically active gals would make their YouTube debut, thanks to the 23/6 production team. American politics and the Internet would never be the same.

Just for fun, take a look at McCain being asked about his girls on Fox:

I’m sure that McCain shares my disappointment.

2 responses to “Damnit! McCain Girls a Hoax

  1. Disappointing, but “Hillary in the House” is still out there….

  2. That’s definitely the silver lining!

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