Huckabee to Introduce Doomsday Machine

I don’t know what it is, but is threatening to do something tomorrow at noon, as this screencapture shows:

My bet is that he’ll be unveiling God’s wrath upon the the heathens. A plague of locusts, perhaps? A franchise that serves squirrel prepared in a popcorn machine? Mothra? Opening the 7th seal? Or maybe some lame-ass right wing PAC?

One can never be sure about these things, so I’ll keep hitting F5 on my keyboard until the great secret is finally revealed.


3 responses to “Huckabee to Introduce Doomsday Machine

  1. April 15 -> my money says it’s something pertaining to the flat tax….

    Or the rapture. Yeah – definitely the flat tax or the rapture.

  2. Damn – it seems “lame ass right wing PAC” takes the prize…….

  3. Crap.

    When I checked the site early this afternoon, there was an error message posted and I was hoping that Huckabee and his people had been raptured and the Godless tech people couldn’t figure out what to do.

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