Hillary Clinton = Club for Growth?

While writing the last post, I was reminded of a commercial that ran in Iowa against Howard Dean and paid for by the Club for Growth:

Substitute the name Howard Dean for Barack Obama and this commerical from the right-wing Club for Growth could easily be run by the Clinton campaign in Pennsylvania.

Sad. Funny. Tragicomic?


4 responses to “Hillary Clinton = Club for Growth?

  1. Tragicomic! Or Comitragic rather. Sad that that kind of stuff used to work. Funny if it will be employed this time around. You have to think that Obama’s million and a half contributors have gotten the message that that type of manipulation just won’t work any more.

  2. I hope you’re right. Obama’s donors do seem to understand that old politics bullshit should be over, but do the 299,500,000 other citizens get it?

  3. Tragic. Comic only when you’re in the mood for really dark humor.

  4. zenyenta, ha! This whole campaign seems to be an exercise in dark humor!

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