I want one!

Michelle Malkin is peddling these shirts:

As an Obama supporter, I think they’re cool as hell!

But I guess that makes me one of those horrible New York Times-reading, Volvo-driving, latte-drinking, sushi-eating, Hollywood-loving freaks.


2 responses to “I want one!

  1. Jesus. We’ve reached a sad point in this country when the term ‘elite’ is used as a pejorative.

    And the threshold apparently is that you believe in evolution, read books not written by Ann Coulter and are dissatisfied with the cowboy doofus who presently occupies the White House.

    Obama was sort of right with the ‘bitter’ comment – only sort of right because people aren’t bitter, most of them are fucking pissed off.

    If I can convince myself that the sale of these shirts in no way inures to Malkin’s benefit, I’m in for 10.

  2. The whole term ‘elite’ is so loaded as to mean nothing. In this political season, you’re considered and evil elite if you have a pulse, and don’t like what Bush has done to our country.

    I have a feeling that the same old shit the Kerry and Gore got will be thrown as Obama, but he’s so damn likeable, he’ll be able to get past it.

    And where’s my fucking latte? I sent the gay kid from the neighborhood to Starbucks and let him borrow my Prius. Maybe I just ought to prepare my arugula that I purchased at Whole Foods to get a feel for how Americans live.

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