Financial Times for Obama

Bottom Line:

The US has the urge to be inspired a little. Electing the country’s first woman president ought to be very inspiring. But not this woman – with her dynastic baggage and knack for antagonising the undecided – running against this man.

The Democratic party has waited an awfully long time for a politician like Barack Obama. Enough already.

FT nailed it.

I can’t wait to vote for a woman for president, but Clinton is not the right one for these times. She represents the past… she’s like this year’s Gephardt; a competent politician who doesn’t really get it, but who thinks that she can pull together the old Democratic coalitions and win.

She may win.

With Obama, I worry about his issues. Rev. Wright, bittergate, his ethnicity and the ability of the right-wing machine to lie and misrepresent issues is troublesome.

If Obama is the nominee, those attacks will be relentless, but I think he can overcome them through 1st time voters and heavy African American turnout. It will not be an easy thing to do, but it is doable if he has a good campaign staff.

But, despite those problems, we’ll be OK.

Obama will be our nominee and president.


6 responses to “Financial Times for Obama

  1. This year’s Gephardt indeed. Hillary is unelectable, period. You could run Chavez against her and it would not matter. I hope Obama makes it to the top. Even though he is a rabid Marxist, he will not have the juice needed to advance his nefarious agenda.

  2. Heh! You guys are funny!

  3. I hope you’re right. I can’t wait to be able to say President Obama. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a president who truly inspired pride. I think he could. Of course, there’ll be a lot of people trying to prevent that and it won’t stop if he’s elected. We’ve learned that. But he knows about that, too.

  4. But Hillary is history! History, I tell you!

    “PA prediction for the ‘Change Election’”

  5. Zen, I hope I’m right, too. I decided a while back that it’s best to chose a candidate based on thinking the best of my countrymen rather than the worst. It might be a naive way to think, but I’d rather err on the side of optimism.

  6. Loomis – HA!

    Thanks for the chuckle.

    I wonder if Bill and Ted are supporting Hillary .

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