Wall Street Journal to Help Readers Understand Liberals

Today, the Wall Street Journal announced that it has redesigned its opinion page to allow for more content and a greater diversity of views.

Here’s the best part of that announcement:

We’re also pleased that Thomas Frank will write a column each Wednesday, adding a prominent left-of-center voice to the pages. Mr. Frank is the author of three books, including the best-selling “What’s the Matter with Kansas?”, and today on the op-ed page he weighs in with typical verve on the dispute over Barack Obama’s “bitter” comments on guns and religion. The Journal has often had a liberal column in the past, and Mr. Frank can help our readers understand what’s on the mind of the American left as it bids to regain control of the federal government.

Ha! I didn’t know that the “American left” (whatever that is) was so hard for Journal readers to understand.  The implicit loathing of the “left” in that sentence cracks me up.

I just hope that Frank doesn’t reveal our secret plan to put lattes and sushi in public school lunch rooms and to make body piercing mandatory for gun owners.


6 responses to “Wall Street Journal to Help Readers Understand Liberals

  1. LOL, I agree.

  2. Well, now the cat’s really out of the bag. Now that Jon Stewart gave voice to the thus far (sort of) unspoken fear that Obama actually plans to enslave the white race if he’s elected president. Obama denies it, of course but the idea is out there now. At least he hasn’t told them about the plan to force everyone into a gay marriage.

  3. I love how the sentence also assumes that EVERYONE reading WSJ is right-minded. And “bids to regain control” makes it sound so ominous. Those lefties aren’t trying to do anything but GET CONTROL, so we must understand the mind of the enemy, so that we can fight it! So funny it makes me want to cry.

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  5. Zen, ha! Has our sinister agenda been revealed?

  6. Flora, yep!

    They assume so many things in that paragraph that it’s simply laughable!

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