On Reverend Wright


At first, I thought the media used Wright to damage Obama. His quotes were taken out of context, and I didn’t think that the 30 second video clips they showed on TV were all that bad, if his remarks were taken in context.

I think I was wrong, as Joan Walsh points out:

I regret that I hedged my observation about Wright’s narcissism. He may be wounded, but this is a man of enormous self-regard, and he’s clearly trying to hurt Barack Obama. His national rehabilitation tour started fairly sympathetically with the Moyers conversation, but it’s devolved into self-pity and self-glorification ever since. His Sunday night talk to the NAACP was mostly silly, from the questionable science behind his insistence that black children are right-brained (creative) while white children are left-brained (logical and analytical) to his mocking the way white people talk, dance, clap, worship and sing. I understand and agree with Wright’s notion that “different is not deficient,” but mocking white people, including JFK and LBJ, doesn’t seem like the best way to get his point across (yes, he was talking to the NAACP, but he knew — and relished — that he had a national audience). At his Monday speech he insisted attacks on him were really an attack on the black church, a typically Wright-centric view of the world, while his security was reportedly provided by the Nation of Islam.

Eh, security provided by the Nation of Islam doesn’t bother me. They are damn good at security and not nearly as scary as most white Americans think they are.

What troubles me about Wright is his willingness to throw Obama under the bus to further his own agenda. He seems to go out of his way to denigrate Obama and make life more difficult for the probable Democratic nominee.

Wright thinks that attacks on him are not attacks on Obama, but rather, attacks on the Black Church. Ugh.

Mr, Wright, when a Sean Hannity attacks you, it’s not about destroying the Black Church. It’s about destroying Barack Obama’s candidacy, and you seem to be hell-bent on doing just that.


4 responses to “On Reverend Wright

  1. I could not agree more. The narcissism, egotism and self-absorption of this man simply defy belief.

    Ms. Walsh is correct – the NAACP and the National Press Club speeches were abominations, consisting mostly of pithy observations, gross generalizations and nonsensical theatrics. And to make fun of LBJ and JFK’s dialects? I can think of plenty of faults in both men – particularly Johnson – and their diction falls rather low on the list. Someone needs to tell the Reverend that an accent does not mean you use poor English.

    The Q&A after the National Press Club event was almost disturbing.

    Someone needs to tell him to shut the fuck up.

  2. I expect that all this controversy just means attention to the Reverend. Invitations to speak, to appear on TV. I doubt he’s actively trying to hurt Obama. I think he just doesn’t care. Or at least he doesn’t care as much as he does about having Jeremiah Wright on TV 24/7. If true, then he doesn’t much care about any of the things that he’s said he does all these years, either. Or, as my father used to say, everyone’s a lens-louse at heart.

  3. GB, I was glad to see Obama’s press conference today. He did what you suggested by basically telling Wright to shut the fuck up.

    Sadly, I think Wright may have cost Obama Indiana, but if the narrative about Obama can be changed in the next week, we might have a chance here.

  4. Zen, I think Wright was pissed off at Obama for the “race” speech and decided to try to hurt him in a subtle way. Even though Barack wouldn’t throw Wright under the bus, I think Wright’s feelings were hurt that Obama didn’t stand by Wright’s sermons, so he decided to pull this crap.

    In the long run, I think it helps Obama so the Wright narrative can finally go away (I hope).

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