Scalia Is an Asshole

Torture is OK if the tortured person is not being punished for his deeds and it’s fine if he is being used to gain information. But torture is not OK for a prisoner who has been convicted of a crime.

Did I get that right?

Oh, and if you don’t like the Bush v Gore decision, get over it!

I’m not over Bush v Gore as its consequences are still with us, but courts have been told not to use the Bush v Gore decision as a precedent for anything.

Have you gotten over it?


4 responses to “Scalia Is an Asshole

  1. Good reminding by Scalia that the Court didnt go looking to get involved, it was Gore who tried to litigate his way to the White House.

  2. Bush has made sure we won’t be getting over it any time soon. The whole world isn’t going to be getting over it.

  3. Zen, that’s exactly right. Since 2000, conservatives have to tried to tell us to “get over it.” I tried to get over it for a while, but I was just never able to get over a subversion of American democracy, and Bush’s policies, especially the war in Iraq made it impossible to “get over it.”

    And I fear that we, along with the rest of the world will be suffering from the consequences of that SC decision for a long time, so they most certainly won’t “get over it” either.

  4. scalias latwst comments concerning guilt or innocence confirm that he is an out of touch extreme asshole

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