Clintonite Kantor on Indiana?

Update: It looks like a hoax.

After rewatching the clip, Pennebaker told the Politico’s Ben Smith, “He does not say that. He does not say that … What he says is he’s surprised Perot’s numbers are holding. He says they must be shitting in the White House.” Pennebaker also told Smith that when the movie was released in theaters, no one thought Kantor said what he’s now alleged to have said, and that he thinks audio was dubbed onto the original video. Smith also spoke to the editor of the YouTube clip, and reports the editor “said that he enhanced, but didn’t alter, the audio in the second portion of the video.”

  Ok, so I was duped. The disputed piece was taken off YouTube – you can see the full video here:



10 responses to “Clintonite Kantor on Indiana?

  1. Mickey Kantor (last name spelled with a K) is a longtime Clintonite and an advisor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, so I think the good people of Indiana should know what Hillary’s friend and advisor really thinks of them. Let’s hope this goes viral and the MSM picks it up!

  2. mikeytherhino

    Man, you Obama people will do ANYTHING to bash your Opponents. and you say hillary is Bad…

    the footage is 15 years Old, and it took you this Long to dig it out? You are Slow on the draw brother.

    Got anything, Ya know, Valid, that’s actually Worth a second View, you know, something that happened this Century?

    Love Always. 🙂

    The Rhino

  3. mikeytherhino

    ok maybe not obama, but definitely anti Hillary… should call you names Unnecessarily. That ain’t right.

    Love Always. 🙂

    The Rhino

  4. Katerinasmommy

    I’d like to know why it’s NOT ok to connect Cantor with Clinton but it IS ok to connect Wright with Obama. I didn’t want to beleive it, but most coverage about Barack Obama is about race and subvertly racist

  5. Hillary has spent weeks now holding Obama responsible for what the Rev Wright says. Now she can be held responsible for what her campaign advisor says

  6. So, were those comments edited out of the final version of The War Room, because I saw that film, but don’t remember this at all!

  7. Clinton must take responsibility for this man’s words, just as she has demanded that Obama take responsibility for Wright’s actions!

    Obama ’08

  8. mikeytherhino

    Kantor said what he said 15 years ago and has not reiterated it.

    Wright said what he said several years ago, had a hamas rep Print up a story in his church bulletin last year, and then he Reiterated his stances this week.

    Clinton has no reason to take responsibility for these statements, as they have no bearing on the campaign.

    Obama had every reason to take responsibilty for his spiritual advisor’s rhetotic, they having a major effect on said campaign.

    Hillary ’08

    Love Always. 🙂

    The Rhino

  9. mikeytherhino


    The Anti Hillary people have to resort to these Kind of tactics.


  10. He did say they were shit. Hmmm…I don’t think this will have an impact as nobody really cares. Hillary’s strongest votes are either for her as a woman, and they won’t change for anything, or as a redneck, and they won’t change either.

    Everyone’s mind is all made up. Clinton people think a campaign is only about winning the election – nothing more. It ain’t a ‘dialogue with the people ‘or any of that elitist crap…it’s just hold em till they tap out or pass out. Yeah, she’s sick, but you know that saying about power and corruption? Few are immune.

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