Sigh…I’m Going to See Bill Clinton

tomorrow night in a town-hall meeting in Avon, IN, for the sake of family unity.

I don’t want to go, but I have to to play nice in my Democratic family.

Any suggestions on what I should ask him to make his face turn red and shake his finger at me?


4 responses to “Sigh…I’m Going to See Bill Clinton

  1. mikeytherhino

    Sure! Here’s how you Do it. Ask him this Question:

    “Mr. Clinton, Barack Obama Is a Racist leftist freakazoid with delusions Of Manhood, but I love him anyway, should I start stalking him now or after He Loses to your Wife?”

    And then whip out your Schlong out and ask him to autograph it.

    Life is a Joke. Smile.

    Love Always 🙂

    The Rhino.

  2. Oh, could you ask him something for me. It’s about Senator Clinton, not Bill, so I hope that doesn’t piss him off too much right there. I’d like to know what was up with her support of off shoring of “knowledge jobs” prior to her run for president and exactly what her position on that is right now. Our problems aren’t all NAFTA by a long shot. She’s my senator but didn’t reply to my inquiry after she helped an Indian outsourcing company get established in Buffalo, NY and spoke to Indian outsourcing interests, assuring them that we’d keep sending our former jobs their way. Could you ask him about that, cause I really want to know.

  3. Zen, I was fortunate enough to get out of it. I hate that I felt relief by not having to go, but ugh. I don’t think I could have stood it.

    That is a really good question your raise. I didn’t know that she supported sending our “knowledge jobs away.” Yikes.

    It sounds like she is a senator who is as good as Evan Bayh is when it comes to addressing voter concerns. When I write to Lugar, I usually get a nice form letter with well-thought-out arguments with which I disagree. From Bayh, I get zilch of a response.

  4. Mikey, why is it that when I read your posts, I get very annoyed by what you have to say, but get over it when I see “Love always” and the little smiley-face? I thought I was immune to the charms of the yellow smiley-face.

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