Report from the Ground In Indy

Canvassing in Indianapolis – May 3, 2008

I spent my day canvassing for Barack Obama in Indianapolis.

The area in which I canvassed was pretty affluent, because the Obama office in Washington Township randomly assigned us a map and a list of names of people in an area that was supposed to be pro-Obama., or who were Democrat, at the least The time I spent was better than I thought it would be.

Among the 34 people with whom I and my canvassing partner spoke, 20 were definitely going to vote for Obama, 10 were undecided, and four would not say for whom they are going to vote.

The undecideds really were undecided. They were excited that Indiana is actually playing a role in this process, but they admire Obama and Clinton so much that they remain undecided. Part of me thought that the undecideds were perhaps the best Democrats we met as they loved both candidates way too much.

Overall, it was a great experience, and I can’t wait to pound the pavement for Barack tomorrow. I think we can do this.

Which candidate wins Indiana seems to be very much in the air right now. If you’re pro-Obama and live in this state, please volunteer to help Obama win here. If you live in another state, please call some voters in Indiana.

We need your help


6 responses to “Report from the Ground In Indy

  1. If I may be so bold, consider this the report from the ground in North Carolina where I have been “obamar-ing” for the last few days.

    After spending most of last week waiting to hear whether I’d be going to Indiana or North Carolina, I got the call to come to Raleigh, NC. I got here late Friday evening and spent Saturday and Sunday canvasing neighborhoods around Raleigh.

    There is so much excitement down here, and it feels great to be *doing* something. I had planned on heading back to Richmond today, but I decided yesterday to stick around at least another day and help out with the GOTV efforts. And I may hang around tomorrow for what I’m sure will be a great victory party.

    Things feel good down here, and they sound as if they are good up in Indiana. Here’s hoping tomorrow is a big day!!!!

  2. GB! So glad to hear you’re in NC Obamando!

    I imagine that for you, like me it’s been a surprise to see how much fun canvassing can be as the voters really are interested, engaged and positive about Obama.

    Good luck w/GOTV! I’m planning to play limo driver tomorrow for some voters without transportation to the polls.

    Have a lot of fun and let’s do this!!

  3. Holy shit. It’s 11:50 eastern. In Indiana, he’s within 20000 votes with several seemingly Obama-favorable precincts to report.

  4. I think we did it.

    But yes, holy shit! I don’t know what the fuck is going on!

  5. And THANK YOU for your work in NC!!!!

  6. Enjoyed working at the Indianapolis Obama office. Met Kate, who I think looks like Tom Cruises wife, was canvassing the hardest…really would like to find her again…hope this will help us connect again. It was during the primaries where Obama spoke to 10000 strong in the park., please forward to Kate…

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