While We Wait for Lake County Results

I’ll tell you about my experience today while Obamando.

The first part of my day was spent giving rides to people in Marion county. I drove to neighborhoods I didn’t know existed to give three people rides to the polls. It was a blast for me.

In the early afternoon, I ran into my friend Tamaki, a wonderful woman from Japan who I know from my studies at IUPUI. She linked me to a couple of volunteers, one from Cleveland and the other from New York who lives in Indy but will return to NY soon.

We had a great time canvassing a struggling neighborhood in Indy where each voter we met had already voted for Obama.

I REALLY loved Tamaki’s energy and enthusiasm. She has been working hard for Obama because she believes in the promise of this country. It was a delight to canvass with her.

We ended the afternoon with a dinner at Sakura, a Japanese restaurant in Indy that I have always loved, but Tamaki led to to a menu choice that was delicious and very Japanese.

It was a great day.

Even if Obama doesn’t win Indiana, I’m proud of our efforts and volunteers from all over the city, state, and country.


4 responses to “While We Wait for Lake County Results

  1. You did great. Even if he doesn’t win, at this point it’s not going to be exactly a loss either. All in all, a great night for Obama. My only complaint is that it’s almost 1 am and I can’t go to bed yet. Tomorrow morning is gonna be a bitch!

  2. GREAT results out of Indiana!!!! It seems to me that Hillary needed a big win in Indiana and to keep things close in NC to continue to pretend that she actually had any chance at all. And she was denied both.

    Today is a wonderful day. He did it. And damn it feels good.

  3. Thanks Zen! I’m counting it as a win because such a narrow victory by Clinton in IN combined w/Obamas HUGE victory in NC changed the media narrative enough to have turned Obama into the nominee (at least as far as perceptions are concerned, and that’s what the game is about at this point).

  4. GB, GREAT WORK in NC! I was thrilled with the size of that victory.

    It does feel damn good, doesn’t it?

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