Yes We Did!

Obama’s huge margin in North Carolina was impressive; those who worked on his campaign there ought to be really proud of what they did.

In Indiana, I think we also should be proud of Obama’s performance, though he came up a couple points short.

From the beginning, I thought that Obama could win in this state pretty easily. It’s in Illinois’ back yard and there never seemed to be a whole lot of love for the Clintons here. Back in February, he had a seven point lead, but 21 percent of those polled were undecided.

Then Rev. Wright came. And then Bittergate. And then Rev. Wright came back. Those mini-scandals didn’t play well among conservative Hoosiers and about a week ago, things were looking bleak for Obama in the Hoosier state – I remember thinking that I would have been happy with a five-point loss.

But then something happened, and I’m not sure what it was. There seemed to be a change in momentum in Obama’s favor, perhaps due to the Wright affair quieting down. Or maybe it was as thousands of volunteers across the state went into action and to pound the pavement,  knock on doors, and call their neighbors. When I canvassed on Saturday, I felt like a shift was taking place.

On Tuesday we voted, and those who were able knocked on more doors, made more calls and drove people to the polls. Indiana voted in unprecedented numbers.

Though the result was a little disappointing, we did what we needed to do and that was to lose by a narrow enough margin that would change the media narrative. And that’s exactly what we did.

Kudos to Obama volunteers and voters in North Carolina! This thing is over.


2 responses to “Yes We Did!

  1. Everyone in Indiana ought to be enormously proud of the outcome. Obama got hit from all corners in ways no one could even comprehend – sure, we knew the Wright connection had hurt him, but no one had any idea that the Reverend would then embark on an ego tour of the nation, monopolizing press coverage and making a bad situation even worse.

    He had to face attacks from all sides – McCain took on a general election attack strategy against Obama weeks ago, all the while he’s getting hit by Senator Clinton (and President Clinton) in the primary race. It’s hard to fight a battle on two fronts.

    And then there’s all the bitter bullshit, which was so overplayed by the Clintons. And Senator Clinton subsequently remaking herself – once again – this time in the role of the populist. It’s not easy when your opponent is a chameleon.

    I think voters in Indiana and North Carolina – with the immeasurable help of the countless volunteers on the ground in both states – saw through it all. Sure, a win in Indiana would have been nice – and there probably would have been one if not for that fat fuck Limbaugh and his zombie devotees. But as you said, this thing is over. And that’s all that matters. And Senator Clinton is starting to look pathetic.

  2. Thanks.

    You know, what this primary has shown me is that we really do have a voice in this country and if we work our asses off when we need to.

    Without the volunteers Obama has on the ground, there is no doubt in my mind that Clinton would be the nominee.

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