California Man Sees Virgin Mary in His Wound

Virgin Mary sitings are always fun:

Marc Lipton scraped his kneecap after he lost control of his motorcycle at an intersection in Monterey, California.

After posting a photograph of his scraped knee on a motorcycle forum, one of the members of his church said the wound looked like the Virgin Mary. Upon a second glance, Lipton started recognizing similarities between his scar and the Virgin Mary.

Lipton believes the Virgin Mary was protecting him from further injury when the motorcycle slid out from underneath him.

There is no word on whether the diocese of Monterey will investigate Lipton’s leg as a legitimate apparition of the Virgin Mary.

If I look at that wound in a certain way and from a certain agnle, I can see how someone might think it looks like a silhouette of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

But geez… Might it just be a case of a nasty wound and it comforts him to think it’s the Virgin Mary?

She appears on tortillas, doors, scabs, and where ever people want to see her.

I guess people should find whatever comforts them whenever they can.


5 responses to “California Man Sees Virgin Mary in His Wound

  1. the places people see the Virgin Mary never cease to amaze me…

  2. Me too. I guess if people are looking for her in any scab or tortilla, they will find her.

  3. I DON’T SEE IT!! Some one please tell me where its meant to be. I think this guy is clinging at straws here..

  4. I have it on the best of sources that he’s just pulling everyone’s leg about this …

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