WV Is Worse than I Thought

Wanda Gibson fears Obama’s blackness:

It’s because he’s another race. I’m sorta scared of the other race because we have so much conflict with them.

In the same clip, Shelby Sugg tells us:

Not even in my mind, I don’t. I don’t like the Hussein thing. I’ve had ENOUGH of Hussein.

I find it amusing that in a state where the African American population makes up 3.2 percent, Wanda worries about “so much conflict with them.” I’m guessing that most African Americans who live in WV go WELL out of their way to avoid ANY kind of conflict with the likes of Wanda Gibson. Hell, I’m white and would try to avoid her with all my soul.

And Shelby, the name Hussein bothers you? Are you equally offended by people named Joe or Joseph? Afterall, those Joes share a name with Josef Stalin.

It’s sad. They live in an economically depressed state and they seem to be ruled by fear of people who are not like them.  So the 2008 GOP strategy will probably to hit on the main themes of “God, gays, and guns,” but with “scary black people” added to their list of meaningless wedge issues. Oh, and anyone who has ever known a Muslim seems to be suspect in their minds.

Barack, please don’t campaign in WV, after you are nominated.


9 responses to “WV Is Worse than I Thought

  1. “Barack, please don’t campaign in WV, after you are nominated.”

    Good way to reach out.

  2. I wonder how Clinton’s black campaign manager felt about the folks of West Virginia.

  3. I’m really trying to take the high road and prevent myself from buying into what is the commonly-held perception of West Virginia where I live. Granted, there is a lot for which Virginia should be ashamed, as well.

    I am hoping that this disgusting commentary that is frequently heard coming out of West Virginia is limited to the fringe and the media is seeking them out. I heard an interview on NPR last night with a Kennedy old-timer who said that when JFK was running in the primary in West Virginia the media, even back then, would seek out anti-Catholic bigots because they made for good – and easy – press.

    I’m hoping the bigotry is limited to small elements, but I do think the problem here is the ‘elitist’ thing. West Virginia is about as non-elite as you can get.

    As for the comment from Ben K to the north of me, it seems to this very casual observer that the game is one of allocating finite resources to states where you have a chance. So let’s see how much time – and money – in the Fall Senator McCain spends in Vermont.

  4. Laura,

    Great observation. Never thought of that. Something tells me Maggie Williams may not be holding her head quite so high today.

  5. I laughed out loud when I read the Wanda Gibson comment… “It’s because he’s another race. I’m sorta scared of the other race because we have so much conflict with them.”
    When I realized it wasn’t a joke, it angered me. Racism is a plague that needs to be erradicated. People “say” they want change, yet, most do nothing to be part of that change.

    Is it ever too late to do the right thing? I think not. So, why not let that change begin within each individual heart…and those that hear such nonsense, need to have the boldness to confront such contray statements rather than CHOOSE to keep quiet. One is either part of the problem or part of the solution…there is no middle ground on this issue.

    Again…another wonderful post!


  6. Thanks again, Michelle.

    Confronting racism on a personal level is a little difficult for me. I sometimes don’t know if I should ignore subtle racist comments or if it’s best to ignore those comment out of hope that people will change given the time and ability to get back on their feet.

  7. First of all, I am from West Virginia. Man, West Virginia, in fact. I guess this happens with all states, moreso with West Virginia, I believe. If the media is going to represent the opinions of a state, do it fairly. I know both of the people who made these comments..and I’m ashamed that I do. Not all people of West Virginia are this close-minded and ignorant. Not even close. I can’t help but think how this is similar to how many Americans judge the Muslim nation as a whole by the acts of terrorists. It’s not fair but it’s how these things work I guess. In addition, the media has to pick the CRAZIEST woman in the country to represent the descent, kind, good-hearted people of West Virginia. Shelby Sugg. If you all knew how this woman tries everyday to make the lives of everyone around her a living hell, maybe this comment wouldn’t be such a surprise. It’s truly sad. We can only hope and pray that somehow, some way they are enlightened. Or locked up. Whichever comes first. And I can tell you that both are long overdue.

    Again, please do not think that all West Virginians believe this. We don’t. Thanks again to the media for giving us fair representation….AGAIN. Next time, look into who you’re interviewing.. you may find some big surprises.

  8. You know what is so funny about this. It is that the Gibson’s was married to another race. (their husbands wasn’t WHITE) I guess it o.k. if you live in another state and not WV. That is what they think. I have no problem with it. I was borned and raised in MAN,WV and loved it. And as for Sugg if they was a BLACK man with money , she would be first in line for him, after all what is love when you can have the money….after 3 husbands. Most husband has a big retirement and insurance. I think that the media should asked, what does race and a name have to do with the person. GO OBAMA

  9. Concernedwvn, your comments are well-taken. Hell, I live in Indiana and sometimes resent the way this state is portrayed as a redneck backwater, so I understand where you’re coming from.

    In retrospect, I think that post was unfair. I posted a video that showed the worst stereotypes of WV. It was in the heat of the primary campaign and as an Obama supporter, I was looking to boost my candidate at the expense of Clinton. I just looked at the margins of victory for Bush and McCain in WV in 2004 and 2008 and they were roughly the same, so I don’t think racism was a deciding factor in that state last year.

    I really appreciate your insight and personal knowledge. Thank you for making me think and enlightening me.

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