From Hillary Is 44:

We are assisting the wonderful women at Hillary Clinton Supporters Count Too while they coordinate all their great activities. Today we listed some of the public appearances by their founders (Cynthia will be appear today, sometime between 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. (ET) in an interview with Shepard Smith).

It increasingly looks like Democrats will go ON STRIKE if Obama is foisted on the Democratic Party by the Dean/Brazile/Pelosi Axis. Clinton Supporters Count Too is a harbringer of things to come.

A lot of women and a lot of Democrats will WRITE-IN HILLARY if the Axis Powers have their way. Let’s prevent the strike – let’s get Hillary the nomination — once again — make those calls.

There might already be one prominent Democrat preparing to GO ON STRIKE.

Geraldine Ferraro, the outspoken former Democratic vice presidential candidate and a supporter of Hillary Clinton’s White House bid, told the New York Times she may not vote for Barack Obama should he be the party’s nominee.

God Bless America and Geraldine Ferraro!

So if Clinton Supporters Count Too, does that mean that Obama supporters don’t count, even though they won the majority of votes and pledged delegates?

And the Hillary people are trying to help Clinton win the nomination by essentially threatening the Democratic party much like a petulant child might threaten to hold his breath if he doesn’t get his way?


Stay classy, Clinton supporters!


3 responses to “WTF?

  1. I honestly think that a lot of these things come from the GOP, indirectly of course. It’s the GOP that benefits from this. I’m not excusing the Clinton camp, mind you. I just think the GOP is taking advantage of a situation.

    On the totally Dem side, I think if we ever find out exactly what’s going on it’ll make an epic movie.

  2. Someone wrote that Ferraro – in threatening to not vote for Obama – was committing an act of political immaturity, which seems quite apt.

    I really think that these kinds of Clinton supporters – like the candidate herself – have really bought into the whole entitlement argument. It’s the only way to explain away the sheer irrationality of some of them. You don’t see Edwards supporters doing this. You didn’t see Dean supporters doing this in ’04. There’s something different about this, and the only thing to which I think it can be attributed is entitlement. The “This was ours and you stole it from us” concept.

    And you can’t reason with many of them. Mention judicial nominations and they purport not to care. Mention McCain’s siamese twin-like attachment to lobbyists and their eyes glaze over. They dislike Obama with a white-hot intensity. But, this is the lunatic fringe, and this is what the lunatic fringe does.

    I take a gander over at Taylor Marsh from time to time (Don’t ask why…..I have no idea….) and you start to feel badly for some of them. Some start comments by saying hello to Senator Clinton. You get the idea some may not be well.

  3. Zen and GB-

    I’m thinking that maybe a lot of the people who are in a tizzy over Clinton’s probable loss aren’t Democrats, but rather previous nonvoters and independents who aren’t used to politics and backing losing candidates. Most Democrats know what it’s like to lose and don’t throw tantrums when their preferred candidates don’t win the primary.

    Zen, I agree that something is happening on the Dem side, but we will never know..there are strange dynamics at work.

    GB, ha! Taylor Marsh, No Quarter, and Hillary is 44 have become hate sites. Their desperation would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

    I think that many of those people really did believe that Clinton was the great hope of American women and that she was entitled to the nomination because…. (I’m not sure why). But they do seem to think Obama’s victory was a defeat for women and feminism. It seems very personal to them, and I can empathize with that.

    But these threats of blackmail don’t aren’t good for them or Clinton.

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