It’s Obama!!! Or Maybe Not!!!

From CNN:

Despite Hillary Clinton’s landslide victory in Kentucky, Barack Obama has won a majority of pledged delegates in the race for the Democratic nomination.

Clinton won Kentucky by more than 30 points, but Obama’s share of the state’s 51 delegates was enough put him over the threshold, according to CNN estimates.

So Obama will be our nominee unless he’s not. He has the majority of pledged delegates which should determine that he will be the nominee, but maybe that won’t matter.

But seriously, part of me is starting to think this is finally over.

Unless it’s not.


5 responses to “It’s Obama!!! Or Maybe Not!!!

  1. I know the frustration. I do think – hesitatingly – that it’s finally over. No one ever thought Obama had a chance in Kentucky – and by Howard Wolfson’s calculation, it should be a state that doesn’t matter since it will almost surely go for McCain in the general….I wish someone would ask him about that. But certain polls put her within four points in Oregon, and she took a big loss there.

    The DNC will have to come to some sort of conclusion on the Michigan and Florida results, but it certainly won’t be what Senator Clinton proposes. First, it would reward her for breaking her pledge with the DNC in 9/07, and the DNC has to be pissed off about that, to say nothing of her behavior as of late. Second, it would royally piss off Iowa and New Hampshire, by basically saying to other states, go ahead and hold your primaries whenever you want outside of the DNC window and we won’t do anything about it when push comes to shove. There’s no way they’ll send that message.

    I just don’t see how it’s not over. I know the Clintons are famous for backroom machinations, but they’re not miracle workers.

  2. It’s over without being over. It’s like there’s some good news and some bad news: Obama is going to be the nominee. That’s pretty much settles. On the other hand, we’re not going to hear the end of the Clinton campaign for at least another couple of weeks. Mabye longer.

    Wasn’t his speech great, though?

  3. Zen,

    I think you’re right – it’s over without being over. What is a shame is that the Clintons lack the grace and sophistication and class to be magnanimous in defeat. But I doubt many are surprised.

    Like you, I thought his speech was great. And I loved that it was in Iowa. I hate to sound nostalgic or overly dramatic, but it took me back to that cold, January night when for the first time in a long while, I thought that maybe, just maybe, this country might just come back from the last eight years.

  4. Zen, yep. I fear that Clinton will stick around until she assassinates Obama (OK, bad joke).

    But she’s not going anywhere, I fear, no matter how sad and desperate she may become.

  5. GB, wow. Yeah, it did take me back to that January night when I was feeling so much hope about our country.

    I had some apolitical visitors from out of town, so I had to keep pretending that I needed to take care of the dogs in another room to sneak away and watch the coverage of the caucuses and Obama’s speech.

    What a great night that was!

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