Gloria Steinem + Archie Bunker = Geraldine Ferraro


“All the surrogates that they had out there, from the black journalists — you know, have you read Bob Herbert recently in the past six months? There wasn’t one column that had anything decent to say about Hillary.”


Where to start? I don’t know, but this is the same woman who said that she was being “attacked” because she is white.


6 responses to “Gloria Steinem + Archie Bunker = Geraldine Ferraro

  1. I saw a clip of the exchange between Rachel Maddow (why doesn’t MSNBC give her a show???) and Geraldine Ferraro and I thought Ms. Ferraro’s behavior was disgraceful.

    She attempts to advance such a victim complex. Funny, coming from a woman who has achieved a great deal in her life. And by funny I mean a total load of shit.

  2. That’s a pretty good analogy. You know she was a representative from Queens, where Archie and Edith lived, right? Not by any means all bigots, even back then, but there was racial friction in certain areas.

  3. She is cuckoo! That silly sexist Barack Obama won’t let Hillary win. Fer shame! Fer shame! Fer shame!

  4. G B, Rachel really does need her own MSNBC show. .. she’s the best thing on that network.

    Zen, thanks. I didn’t know that Ferraro represented Queens. That explains a lot.

    It’s just really sad that she has discredited herself as much as she has. And to think I used to admire her.

    Laura, LOL! I think you nailed the feelings of many Clinton people.

  5. The more I think about it, the more it pisses me off how Hillary can tap into racism to her advantage but cries “sexism” in the wake of any set back. Not cool.

  6. Laura, there definitely is a double standard at play. And Obama is wise to not cry racism, when it clearly has been a factor at play so far.

    But if you question Clinton about much of anything, you’re a terrible sexist.

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