Hell Freezes Over: I Defend Clinton

I’m sure you’ve read about it.

Clinton said:

“My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. You know I just, I don’t understand it,” she said, dismissing the idea of abandoning the race.

First, I ran for delegate from DC for Jerry Brown in 1992. Our primary was in May, and by that time it was clear that Bill Clinton would be the Democratic nominee — even if he didn’t have all the delegates necessary for the nomination until June.

But, more importantly, I think Clinton’s remarks about RFK have been overblown. I always love Keith Olberman’s special comments, but his fake outrage was a bit over the top.

I didn’t take it that Clinton thinks she needs to stay in the race in case Obama is assassinated. She was simply, and inaccurately observing that it is common for Dem races to be decided in June (June is the new March!). To me, she just seemed to be trying to tell people that it’s not over yet.

Deluded? Definitely.

Waiting for Obama to be killed?



3 responses to “Hell Freezes Over: I Defend Clinton

  1. You’re very generous. I’m not, this time. There was no reason to bring up the assassination in this context. The 1968 primary timeline was quite different and the convention was historically chaotic, for the riots going on outside and the floor fight going on inside. And the Democrats lost. To Nixon. What could possibly motivate anyone to use that year as an example of why it’s perfectly OK to continue the race?

    I’m not saying she wants Obama dead. I am saying that she needs help and that’s the best construction I can put on using the RFK shooting as a talking point.

  2. I reflected on this post a little bit today, and I think you’re right in that I probably was a little too generous. It’s hard to imagine what she could have been thinking.

  3. I’m going to second what Zen said. I would concur that I don’t think she wishes this sort of ill upon Obama, but it’s an odd statement.

    But I agree Olbermann was completely over the top on Friday evening. I typically enjoy the Special Comments, but he came across as a frothing mad man on Friday.

    My problem with the RFK reference is two-fold. First, that primary did go into June, but it didn’t commence in January. It wasn’t a six month primary. I believe RFK got into the race in mid-April of 1968.

    Second, no matter what she meant, the statement shows a level of political tone-deafness that almost blows the mind.

    And again, we see the typical Clinton bullshit apology – only worse this time, because the only non-apology apology offered was to the Kennedy family, and not Obama.

    Samantha Powers was right – she’s a monster.

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