Nightmare. Tragic. Horrific. WTF?

I just saw on the evening news that a friend with whom I’ve worked for 7 years was stabbed in her home this weekend. I’m more than a little bit stunned.

Apparently, an acquaintance of hers from the homeless day shelter where we work found her in her home, knocked on the door and asked for a sandwich. She invited him in and prepared him a sandwich. He asked for a knife to cut the snack and then used the knife to demand money.

Soon after, he started stabbing her because she only had $100 to give him. He stopped stabbing her and left her for dead when she was on the floor playing possum. He her must have heard her the blood gargling in her throat, so he went back to stab her some more.

Fortunately, she seems to have survived and is now in critical condition.

He turned himself in today and is in custody. It’s amazing how crack (my guess) can play such a role in causing this kind of shit.

I break into chills and tears when I imagine the fear, horror and pain she must have felt during those moments. I worry that while the physical pain will heal, the psychological trauma may last a lifetime. I’m enraged that a fucking dick head like that was able to inflict that kind of pain on someone who was trying to help him simply because he wanted some fucking crack.


She (for some reason, I feel more comfortable not using her name) is one of the sweetest people I have ever known. She is always willing to go well out of her way to do what she can for our homeless clients. She hasn’t developed the cynicism that most of us working in the field have — it just simply isn’t part of her nature. Her smile and the daily morning chat we have always brightened my day, and I know her warm personality has always been a comfort to people trying to end their homelessness.

Please send some good thoughts her way.


4 responses to “Nightmare. Tragic. Horrific. WTF?

  1. I watched this on the news. I hope that guy goes away for a long time. I was a shame that someone like her has something like this happen to her.

  2. Gosh, that’s awful. And here I was feeling sorry for myself because Maria bit me last night! 😦

  3. How truly awful. I do hope your friend is alright.

  4. Thanks.

    It turned out to be better than I thought it was based on the media reports. The wounds were mostly superficial and her attitude is great. She even went in to work for a couple of hours today.

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