Lanny Davis: Clinton Supporters’ Feelings Are Easily Hurt

Life must have been hard for Lanny Davis as a Lieberman supporter, especially given all the flack the poor Joe was given by Democrats. He must have really gotten upset when that Ned Lamont decided to run against and then beat Holy Joe in the Democratic primary. Lanny must have felt vindicated when Lieberman beat Lamont in November of 2006, and so now he must feel even better that Lieberman will share the stage with John Hagee (the man whose endorsement Lieberman’s BFF rejected) at Hagee’s Armageddon Conference.

But, today, Lanny’s not worried about Joe. He’s worried that that big meanie Barack Obama has intentionally enraged Clinton supporters. From his list of Four Things the Obama Campaign Couldn’t Resist Doing to Anger Clinton Supporters:

1. Couldn’t resist waiting one day after Sen. Clinton won West Virginia by 41 points to announce John Edwards endorsement.

So in other words, he’s mad because Obama had the nerve to practice smart politics by trying to change the media narrative through an announcement of a major endorsement the day after being thumped in WV? Damn that Obama!

2. Couldn’t resist waiting to win majority of ALL delegates (not just pledged delegates) to do victory lap speech in Iowa the night Hillary won Kentucky by 36 points.

Well, I would hardly call Obama’s speech that night a victory lap. But Clinton wouldn’t celebrate a little if she won the majority of pledged delegates that night? Or would she have waited a day or two out of sensitivity to Obama’s big win in Oregon?

3. Couldn’t resist waiting to win majority of all delegates to announce Jim Johnson as VP search committee head…


Obama wouldn’t confirm or deny the that Mr. Johnson has been appointed to head the VP search effort. That makes many Clinton supporters feel uneasy about Senator Obama.

At this point, Obama’s choice of a soft drink would make Clinton supporters feel uneasy about him (“He drinks DIET Coke? Who does that pansy elitist think he is??”). It’s apparent that Obama is the likely nominee. Why let John McCain get a huge head start on the VP selection process? Or would Clinton supporters prefer that Obama not think about a VP until the convention in August?

4. Couldn’t resist listing Bill Richardson as under consideration for Veep – the one Red Flag name that infuriates even moderate Clinton supporters the most — not because he chose to endorse Sen. Obama, but the way he did it, i.e., his inability to avoid making negative comments about Sen. Clinton while doing so — another person who sometimes can’t resist the temptation of not being gracious when he should be, a great disappointment to many of his former close friends from the Clinton camp and which will not be forgotten.

Hmm. I know that Richardson is Judas, and that makes Clinton Jesus, but I’m having a hard time finding much Clinton bashing in Richardson’s endorsement. The worst I could find was this:

I believe the campaign has gotten too negative. I want it to be positive.

So I’m wondering what Obama has really done that has upset the delicate sensibilities of Clinton supporters. My list looks something like this:

1. Obama chose to run.

2. Obama ran.

3. Obama is on the verge of winning.

Did I miss anything?

3 responses to “Lanny Davis: Clinton Supporters’ Feelings Are Easily Hurt

  1. “Did I miss anything?”

    Nope, that about sums it up.

  2. Lanny Davis is mere days away from slipping into a Terry McAuliffe-like state of disconnect.

    I mean, what a whiner. I can’t believe this guy actually compiled a list of things that Obama did to hurt the feelings of Clinton supporters.

    How indefensibly infantile. Good riddance, Lanny.

  3. Hey but on the upside, Clinton picked up the endorsement of Tucker “my nose is so far up Republican a$$, I make (Michael J Fox’s fake character) look like a liberal” Carlson.

    Yep, you heard it here first, well on Dan Abrams’ show, that the all important “Bow-Tie” delegate supports HRC now. I can see all the Supers & Pledges going to HRC right now!

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